World Biomes Pin Map – Rain Forest, Desert, Savanna, Tundra and More

If you are studying about different animal habitats or the word biomes, you may be interested in this free download. I made this world biomes pin map for the kids years ago.  It includes a world biomes map and legend has pictures of the boreal and deciduous forests, rain forest, grasslands/savannas, chaparral, and tundra that the kids can stick onto the map.

How to Make This: Print out all three pages on card stock. I laminated the map and pieces for durability. The map is taped down onto several layers of foam and a hard piece of cardboard at the bottom.  We taped the straight pins onto the biome pictures with clear packing tape.

You will need to download all THREE files listed below. These are all free to download! 🙂


World Biomes Map and Legend

This page includes a map of the biomes of the world.

Note: It says “used by permission” because I reached out to the person who had this on their website years ago for permission to use this map in my pdf. Of course, you have permission to use this in your homeschool or classroom! You may not upload the file onto any file-sharing websites, but feel free to pin it to Pinterest or link back to this website! 🙂 ~Liesl


World Biomes — Pin Map Pieces page 1 

These pieces include pictures of the tropical rainforest, tropical savanna, desert, chaparral, grassland, deciduous forest, and boreal forest


World Biomes — Pin Map Pieces p2

This last page includes picture of the arctic and alpine tundra and extra legends if you need them.


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Update Feb. 2016: We are doing a Biology Unit this month that covers the Biosphere – biomes, ecosystems, and habitats. We’ll be spending time on the climate zones.  We will also look at the food chain, food webs and the energy pyramid. We spend some time on feeding relationships (herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, detrivore, decomposers) as well as biological interactions (mutualism, amensalism, parasitism, etc.).  This packet is pretty much complete and I should be sharing it some time soon. It is about 40+ pages of notebook pages and activities. Feel free to email me if you’re wondering when it will come out or if you need these materials sooner. (liesl at homeschoolden dot com). I’ll update this blurb once our packet available. ~Liesl 🙂



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  1. Lois Tschaepe says:

    How did you get your biome map to print out so large?

    • homeschooldenadmin says:

      Hi Lois,
      It’s been years since I printed this out, so just to be sure everything works still the same way I printed it this evening (in grayscale). It seems to print out the same size as what is shown in the picture. The map winds up being about 6 inches by 10 inches or so. Hope that helps. ~Liesl

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