Reptile Cards From Around the World – US Australia South America Africa

About the same time we studied the world biomes years ago, my son was *really* into reptiles.  I made some cards for him back then and made them into pin-map pieces that he placed on our world map. There were reptiles from the rainforest, desert and tropical savanna.

Reptile CardsP1030015

I also used the cards as Montessori 3-Part cards (where he matched the name with the photo). You’ll find those larger cards below.

By the way, at the time we lived in Australia so the photos of those reptiles were taken by me.  I often saw giant (4 foot long) perentie when I went running outbush! Pretty cool, huh?!

There are small pin-map pieces that we used with the World Biomes Pin Map (see this post for the free download for that).

Reptile Cards-small-Pin Map Style


I had the picture of the reptile on one side and the location on the back.

ReptileCardsP1030013 Here are country flags for the location where these reptiles were found. For one activity, my son sorted the cards under the appropriate country flag.

Flags for Reptile Pin Map Activity



Below are the same reptiles as above, but the cards are larger. Sorry, but each of these is a separate download. I made them years ago, but still thought I’d share them in case anyone can use them! They’re free. 🙂 

Reptiles from Australia – United States 3-Part Cards

Reptile Cards - US and Australia

Reptile from South America and SE Asia 3-Part Cards

Reptiles from SE Asia - 3-Part Montessori Cards


Reptiles from South America Africa and Australia 3-Part Cards

Reptiles from 3-Part Cards

Reptiles from Kenya and the US 3-Part Cards


I’m curious to see if anyone find these useful. I’d love to hear from you here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook page! ~Liesl and the kids

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