Free Daily Calendar Page (Ages 4-7)

Last week ED I printed out the daily calendar page I made for her last fall. She filled one out each morning as she needs some review on some of the spellings on the days of the week and we needed to review how to read a thermometer. I printed it out on the back of her daily checklist (something new I’m doing with the kids–and I’ll talk about why were using that and how it’s going later.)  I thought I’d share the printable again on the blog for anyone else who might find it useful.

If you are interested, you can download the Daily Calendar Page. It’s free!

Our Daily Calendar Page is also available in Spanish here!

Free Daily Calendar PageThis pdf now contains two different calendar pages. Choose the one you like best. 🙂Free daily-calendar-page

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Daily Calendar Page - Free Printable

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Our Addition Bundle (which actually has all kinds of math activities for ages 4-7 or so… from basic addition and subtraction to clocks, calendar work, place value, shape, games and more!) This Bundle has 10+ pdfs and is growing as I add in various seasonal worksheets, activities and games!

Find out more about our Addition Bundle in Our Store. The screen shots below are all included in the (growing) Addition Bundle! 10+ pdfs more than 250 pages of worksheets, games and activities! 🙂

Addition Bundle - Homeschool Math CurriculumMath Practice Worksheets - Addition - Subtraction - Easy FractionsAddition Games for MathFact Family Math Games Addition WorksheetsAddition Subtraction Pet-Themed WorksheetsPet Pack Gameboard

Valentines Math Games - WorksheetsEaster - Jelly Bean Addition Subtraction ActivitiesGeometry Shapes - 2D and 3D objectsSubtraction Pages — either in a holiday theme or with spring-type clipart. 🙂

Subtraction Packet - Holiday Theme - Spring Theme Packet

Again, you can find out more about our Addition Bundle in Our Store.

You might enjoy yesterday’s post, Kindergarten Math: First Activities of the Year

Ultimate Math Gameboard (great for reviewing ANY math fact — addition, multiplication, division, etc.)
Place-Value-ActivitiesMontessori Style Addition Pages (I made a number of different packets… without carrying, with carrying, etc.) – You can search for Montessori math in the search button on the left for even more pages.
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Dinosaur Packet and Lapbook for Ages 3-7:  60+ Page Dinosaur Packet

  • Montessori 3-Part Dinosaur Cards
  • Dinosaur Lapbook
  • Letter Recognition Activities
  • Number Activities and Games
  • Dinosaur Game Board
  • Fast Fact Information Cards
  • Dinosaur Writing Cards
  • Math Games
  • Bingo Cards and more!


You might also be interested in our Animal Packet or World Animals Packet. At this age, my kids loved learning about animals.

Our 75+ page Animal Packet covers different types of animals (vertebrates, invertebrates), animal characteristics, insects vs. spiders, domesticated vs. wild animals, animal tracks and much more! I wanted to let you all know that I have added in about a dozen new pages including these activities about Feather Fur or Scales. See this post Animal Packet  or Our Store for more details!







Feathers Fur Scales or Skin Worksheets and Sorting CardsAnimal Homes and Shelters - Where do animals live worksheetsThis can be bundled with the World Animals Packet as well!

World Animals Packet Quick Preview

World Animal Unit - Worksheets Activities Montessori CardsHere is a picture of my daughter using this material…. She was matching the word to the word & picture. Here she is placing the animal cards onto the correct continentWorld Animal Cards And here are the cards with the continent maps (She often sang the 7 continents song while she did this activity): Also in the picture is the  Montessori-style 7 continents pin map (I have a free printable pin map here.

World Animal Cards and ContinentsAlso in the World Animals Packet is this game and pin map activity:

World Animal ActivitiesRecently, I added in this section on the Animals of the African Savanna to the World Animals Packet: African Animals of the Savanna Worksheets and Notebook PagesAnd, the Animal Packet and World Animal Packet can be purchased in the Big Animal Bundle. (Again, see this post or  Our Store for more details.)

NEW: Big Animal BUNDLE – 1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet

Big Animal Bundle

Rainforest Unit Worksheets and ActivitiesLife Cycle Worksheets - Activities - Montessori CardsWinter Packet for Early ElementaryPolar Animals Worksheets

These packets can be purchased separately in Our Store.

Big Animal Bundle


  Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

   $17.00 Big Animal Bundle including  1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet

One last thing… when my kids were about this age, we had a lot of fun with our Simple Machines Unit. You can find out more about our Simple Machines Packet here!

Simple Machines Unit - Worksheets Lapbook ActivitiesWe did a ton of hands-on activities in this unit… including lifting Mom with a lever!!Using Levers - Simple Machines Unit Simple Machines - Levers Inclined plane wedge pulley screw wheel and axle simple machines at a construction site worksheetsSee you again soon here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page! You might also want to check out some of our resources pages above (such as our Science, Language Arts, or History Units Resource Pages) which have links to dozens of posts.  You might want to join our free Homeschool Den Chat Facebook group.  Don’t forget to check out Our Store as well. :) Homeschool Den StoreI’ve chosen not to use pop-up boxes at this point, but you can click here to Subscribe to our Homeschool Den Newsletter!

SubscribeHappy Homeschooling, everyone!!  ~Liesl

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