Ancient China Packet (Free Notebook Pages)

We have been studying Ancient China this semester.  We are using  The Story of Ancient China (affiliate link) (see more about that below) as our spine, but also have read selections from the  Story of the World (affiliate link) and the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia. This is the packet that I made to go along with some of our readings.  These Ancient China worksheets are free to download if you can use them:

Ancient China Worksheet Packet -Chinese Dynasties Shang Zhou Qin – Notebook Pages

Ancient China Worksheet Packet

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Free Ancient China Packet

In addition to the long list I shared with you of children’s fiction and non-fiction books about China, we are using the  The Story of Ancient China (affiliate link) by Suzanne Strauss Art as our spine. It’s a wonderful textbook to read aloud to elementary age students. Middle school students would have no trouble reading this on their own. We have the earlier edition because we bought it used.  If you are doing a unit/semester just on China, I highly recommend this book!


We read the legend about how silk came to be made in Story of the World and the kids summarized what we read on one of the sheets from the packet I made:

Silk in Ancient China Worksheet

And as we studied the Shang Dynasty, we had a lot of fun learning some of the Chinese characters.  A couple of books we recommend are

  • Long is a Dragon: Chinese Writing for Children Terrific introduction to calligraphy.
  • Liu and the Bird: A journey in Chinese Calligraphy Introduces Chinese characters

The kids created little flap books to add to their history notebook:Chinese Character Activity

We also read the book, Bound (affiliate link), when we first started this unit. It is wonderful. We highly recommend it!

This is a really fun choose your own adventure book that your kids might like as well: Ancient China: An Interactive History Adventure (You Choose: Historical Eras) (affiliate link)


Note: When we talked about Ancient China again, my girls both did map projects on the Great Wall of China using project blocks (affiliate link).  I thought I would include a couple photos of their projects here in case your kids are interested!

Great Wall of China Map ProjectA silly picture with Boomer!

Great Wall of China Project

Be sure to check out our Ancient World notebook pages! This set includes 28 blank pages including early history, ancient India, China, Greece, Rome and more!

Ancient History Writing Paper Set - Ancient India Ancient China Worksheets Notebook PagesAncient History Writing Paper Set

China Unit:


  • China Unit: Books, Books! A Huge List of Children’s Books  – This is a comprehensive list of all the children and youth books we could find relating to China.  Since my kids range from 6-10, I wanted books that would appeal to my kindergartner as well as novels to read to my older kids. You can download and print our list out.



Buddhism Learning Pack

Remember, we have lots of other history resources as well:

Buddhism Worksheets

Oregon Trail Lapbook and Notebook Pages

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