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Preschool Activities 0

Preschool Activities

Hole punching — I used a wooden skewer with a few rubberbands wrapped around them. You can also off them a pushpin (this how some Montessori schools do it). For a while my 5 year old LOVED doing these. I had to makeall kinds of Star Wars star fighter, jet and other “dot pictures”(while my 3 year old wanted butterflies, balloons, fairies andso forth). This activity has expanded from these...

Preschool Activity — Teens board 0

Preschool Activity — Teens board

If your preschooler is ready to work on theteen numbers, you can set out the “teensboard,” a Montessori activity. Our mathcurriculum has us refer to these numbers as“one ten and one” (11), “one ten and two” (12)and so forth. Also have the child set out astring of 10 beads and one bead, a string often beads and two beads, etc. Teens board: beads you can print out to work...

Preschool Activity — Sorting patches 0

Preschool Activity — Sorting patches

I had a lot of colorful patches on hand that never got usedfor another project. My 3 year old has had a lot of funplaying with them — sorting them (butterflies, flowers,other) and using them with a felt board activity. I evenbring this (and the felt bear activity) on trips in the carand she’ll happily sit and tell stories moving the piecesaround.


Preschool Activity — Where do things come from?

Where do things come from cards. I also collected bits and pieces to add to the sorting activity (a cotton ball, a toy sheep and cow, thread, yarn, a wool hat, a piece of paper etc) These Montessori Cards come from Montessori for Everyone and are free at: