Animals of the African Savanna – Worksheets and Activities

I have just added an entirely new section to the World Animals Packet on Animals of the African Savanna. This includes worksheets and other activities.

This section covers about 25 different African animals. For younger kids there are tracing pages and self-correcting matching cards. There is also a notebook page about the African savanna and blank notebook pages for all of the animals. There is also a country map of Africa (not pictured) that my daughter will be working on.

African Animals of the Savanna Worksheets and Notebook Pages

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I made this for my daughter (age 10) who loves researching/writing, so she’s pretty excited about the notebook pages, but as I said above there are pages that are suitable for younger kids as well (like the tracing pages, not pictured and the self-correcting matching cards).

My daughter is going to be studying biology and the biological relationships and how animals (or plants) interact — terms like symbiosis, commensalism, mutualism and so forth. You can find more about the biology unit here. In fact, I just added about 20 new pages to that packet as well since the kids (ED and my older two) are going over this material again. 🙂

She will be doing the two units simultaneously.  We will go over the various animal relationships and she will be watching some documentaries. As she watches, we’ll discuss some of the terms/relationships that are presented in the film.

BBC documentaries: We will be using  BBC Atlas of the Natural World Set: Africa, Europe, Western Hemisphere, Antarctica  and Africa Eye to Eye with the Unknown (also produced by the BBC). (affiliate links) My kids absolutely loved the documentaries narrated by David Attenborough (Life, Planet Earth, Blue Planet) which we watched a few years ago when we first did the biology unit. I’m hoping these new series are a hit with the kids too. 🙂

Africa BBC DocumentariesIf you are interested in finding out more about the World Animals Packet and the materials that are included, be sure to visit this post: World Animals Packet.

World Animal Unit - Worksheets Activities Montessori Cards

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Animals of the African Savanna - World Animals Packet

P.S.  Coming Soon: I have also created an Australia Packet! Be sure to check that out here or at our Big Animal BUNDLE page.

Animals of Australia Worksheets

Again, if you are interested in the Animals of the Africa Savanna worksheets and activities you can visit this post:  World Animals Packet or our Store…. or you can use the link below.

World Animals Packet (only) – See the Bundle options as well!

  $4.99  World Animals Unit (now 100+ pages) Animals of the 7 Continents: Montessori 3-part cards and Activity Pages, best for ages 3-7 or so. Also in the World Animals Unit is the mini-unit on Animals of the African Savanna  Quick Preview or view image 1, view image 2, view image 3 (African Animals)

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World Animals Unit - Montessori Cards Games Activities and moreWorld Animal PacketWorld Animal Unit - Worksheets Activities Montessori CardsWorld Animal Activities

The World Animals Packet  is included in both Big Animal BUNDLE or Big Animal BUNDLE 2

If your kids love studying animals as much as mine did, you may want to check out our Big Animal Bundle. The Animal Unit studies animal characteristics, invertebrates-invertebrates, insects vs. spider, animal homes & shelters, animal tracks, carnivores vs. herbivores, and more.  The Big Animal Bundle also includes World Animals (with a bonus packet on African Animals), the Rainforest Packet, Life Cycles Packet and Winter Packet (which covers Hibernation, Polar Animals, Seals/Sea Lions/Walruses, Whales and much more!) Plus, there are mini-units on Cicadas, Chameleons and Wolves. These packet can also be purchased separately.

   $19.99 Big Animal BUNDLE – This Bundle includes 8 PDF packets.  1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet & Hibernation Unit Plus three mini-units on 6) wolves, 7) cicadas and 8) chameleons.  See the Big Animal BUNDLE page for more details.

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Big Animal BUNDLE - includes 8 pdfs

Big Animal BUNDLE 2

Big Animal BUNDLE 2 includes all of the units above, plus the Mitten Activities Packet, Dinosaur Packet and the new Australia Packet!

$29.99 Big Animal BUNDLE 2 This second animal bundle option includes1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet plus the 6) Cicada Packet 7) Chameleons Packet 8) Wolves Packet 9) Mitten Activity Packet 10) Dinosaur Unit and the 11) Australia Unit.

These units are all sold separately as well. See the Big Animal BUNDLE page for more details about each of these units.

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.  You can always email me if you need help! ~Liesl

Big Animal BUNDLE 2 - 10 Animal UnitsScroll down for pictures or visit the Big Animal BUNDLE page for more details about each of these units.

The Big Animal BUNDLE includes the Animal Packet: (vertebrates/invertebrates, feather/fur/scales, 5 animal groups, insects vs spiders, animal tracks, animal homes & shelters)

Animal-Unit-100-pages-worksheets-feathers-fur-scales-skin-vertebrates-invertebrates-insects-spidersFeathers Fur Scales or Skin Worksheets and Sorting CardsVertebrate-Animal-Groups-WorksheetsInvertebrate-Groups-Activities

Herbivores Carnivores Omnivores Worksheets Activities Sorting Cards Herbivore Carnivore Omnivore Notebook Pages Worksheets herbivore carnivore omnivore sorting cards and sorting mat

The Big Animal BUNDLE also includes the Life Cycles Packet:

Life Cycles Packet: All living things go through changes as they grow and develop! This new 50+ page Life Cycles Packet helps kids become familiar with the different stages in the life cycles of the chicken, sea turtle, frog, mosquito, butterfly, dragonfly, bee, mouse, and ladybug. This unit includes worksheets, Montessori 3-part cards, spinners, ordering activity pages, writing pages, and more. Visit this post for more details: Life Cycles Unit Life Cycle Worksheets - Activities - Montessori Cards

The Big Animal BUNDLE includes the Rainforest Packet:

Rainforest Unit - Animals and Insects of the Rainforest Layers of the Rainforest and more

Rainforest Unit Worksheets and Activities Amazon Rainforest Animal Worksheets Rainforest Animals Montessori 3-Part Cards layers of the rainforest worksheets and activitiesThe Big Animal BUNDLE also includes the Winter Packet (which focuses on Polar Animals and more)

Winter Packet for Early ElementaryPolar Animals WorksheetsHibernation Unit is in the Winter Packet.Hibernation Unit for Kids Hibernation Rough Draft

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