Free Writing Prompt Printable – Personal Essays

At the beginning of the year, many students are asked to do personal or narrative essays… my kids are writing personal essays as well!

I came across this writing resource that has 500 writing prompts and felt like it was such a great writing resource, I wanted to share it with you. It’s a free printable. These are generally for older students, but below I’ll also add in the link for the Free Journal Writing Prompts that I made for the kids when they were younger.

The general writing prompt themes include

  • Childhood Memories
  • Coming of Age
  • Family
  • Community and Home
  • Personality
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Morality and Religion
  • Role Models
  • Technology and Video Games
  • The Internet
  • Social Media
  • Music
  • Movies, Theater, Television
  • Reading, Writing and Fine Arts
  • School and Teachers
  • School and Social Environment
  • Work and Careers
  • Sports, Exercise and Games
  • Travel
  • Looks, Fashion and Health
  • Shopping and Driving
  • Food and Eating
  • Holiday, Seasons, Weather and Weekends
  • Beliefs, Politics and Current Events
  • If Only

There are 10 to 20 writing prompt ideas for each theme.

Actually, I found an updated version after I created the image, so bonus… you’ll actually get 650 Writing Prompts, but I’m too lazy to update the image I just made to go along with this post! Lol!!

I printed out a copy for my kids and they are selecting one prompt under a different theme.  Anyway, for those of you who use a Writing Workshop model or who are using a writing curriculum loosely (as we are) I thought this might be helpful!

I did not put together this writing prompt set, but wanted to share this fabulous resource!

This pdf is courtesy of the New York Times  and the Learning Network.

Hope it’s helpful! ~Liesl

Click here for the Free Printable Narrative and Personal Essay – Writing Prompts

Free Writing Prompts - Personal Essay

There is also a similar pdf set for Argumentative Writing Prompts. It is also free to download.  Click here for the other free printable: 401 Prompts for Argumentative Writing.

On a related note, I have have a Free Journal Writing Prompts set that I made for the kids when they were younger. You’ll find that here:

40 Journal Writing Prompts (Free Printable)


I also highly recommend the Amazing Writing Prompts – Homeschool Edition. (affiliate link)  This e-book was written by a fellow homeschool Mom. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago and my daughter *LOVES* these prompts at the moment!! She’s doing several a day.


You might be interested in this new 35-page Writing Resource Packet: 5 Tips for Helping Kids to Write

Writing Homeschool

This was something I made last year for the kids. This printable is also free.
Essay Writing Strategies & Free Writing and Grammar Checklists

Writing and Grammar Checklists - Free


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