Free Holiday-Themed Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Friday Freebies! Today I have a fun set of addition and subtraction worksheets for those of you with kids working on their math facts.  In the beginning of the packet are some basic addition problems.  The last few pages have double-digit addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing.

I hope someone can use these! These are free to download! ~Liesl

Free Holiday Addition and Subtraction Worksheets


If you browse around the blog, you’ll see that we have quite a number of free holiday-themed math worksheets that I’ve put together for the kids over the years…

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  • If your kids enjoy Minecraft, you can download these by clicking on the link below:

Minecraft Christmas Creeper Addition and Subtraction Practice

Minecraft Christmas Creeper Addition Subtraction Practice


Addition-Subtraction-Pete-the-Cat-FeatureWe also have a doubling game with Pete the Cat: (1+1, 2+2, 3+3, etc.)


We also have some Christmas math games I made for the kids last year.  We used number cards to play various games… like Math War (Addition or Multiplication).  You can also play “Make 10” (where you put cards face down and take turns trying to pick up 2 cards that add up to 10). You’ll find lots more math game ideas and the various printables here:

ChristmasNumberCards-and-GamesWe also played some other games last year — like the Quick Christmas Cross-Off.  It’s great for kids who are learning to recognize double-digit numbers. Those printables are free here:

ChristmasMathGamesED really liked the grid game a couple of years ago:

For this game you need cards from 1-6 and two markers or crayons of different colors.

  • The first player selects two cards. Create a grid with those numbers.
  • For example, if a player gets a 2 and 6 she marks out a grid like the green example above.




You might be interested in our new Christmas Subtraction Games and Holiday Subtraction Packet:
Christmas Subtraction GamesMath Fact Families 5s through 10s - Subtraction PacketMath Fact Families 11s through 13s

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Pirate Pack and Place Value Activity Pack

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Be sure to check out our various Science Packets, like the Simple Machines Packet (which we did when the kids were 5, 7 and 9)


Simple Machines PacketSimple-Machine-WorksheetsSimple Machines - Levers Inclined plane wedge pulley screw wheel and axleSimple Machines Unit - Worksheets Lapbook Activities

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DinosaurPacket-Lapbook-MontessoriCards-More DinosaurActivitiesStates of Matter Packet:
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