Addition and Subtraction with Pete the Cat (Free Worksheets)

If you are doing a Pete the Cat Unit, your kids might enjoy these FREE Addition Subtraction Worksheets inspired by Pete the Cat!

My daughter borrowed several Pete the Cat books (affiliate link) from the library last week.  She’s been reading them over and over, so I made her a couple of math practice pages with a Pete the Cat type theme! She quickly used up those pages and I went back and added in 5 more… So, there are 10 pages of addition and subtraction pages. The last couple pages have some skip counting (by 2s and 5s).

There are nine worksheet pages and a blank page to use with a die. They are available here to download if you’re interested:

Pete the Cat – Addition and Subtraction

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Pete the Cat - Free Addition-Subtraction Worksheets

Addition-Subtraction-Pete-the-CatClick here to save this for later on Pinterest

Free Pete the Cat addition subtraction worksheets

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Dragon Math Packet for Ages 4-6

Addition Subtraction - Cars Worksheet Packet

Montessori-Style-Addition-WorksheetsSubtraction Packet - Spring ThemeSubtraction Packet - Spring ThemeDays of the Week Months of the Year Seasons Worksheets and Booklet

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Pirate Pack which includes 65 pages of math activities

Pirate-Math-Packet-Games-Worksheets-MathCards-Activity-Ideas Place Value printables

PlaceValue Pet Pack addition worksheets and games


Fact Family Packet

Addition 12s Math Family

Winter-Themed Math Packet: Addition/Subtraction Activities

Winter Math Packet Addition Subtraction Activities GamesSeasonal Math Games: Valentine’s Day

Valentines Math Games - Worksheets

Seasonal Math Games: St. Patrick’s Day Subtraction Games – Easy, Challenging Games

St. Patrick's Day Subtraction Game Boards

Space-Animal Themed Addition and/or Subtraction activities:

Space Watercolor Animals - Addition and Subtraction Packet

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Froggie Addition - No Carrying or WIth Carrying

Fraction Math Practice Worksheets

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$5.50 K-2 Math BUNDLE  (over 300 pages of materials, 20 pdfs and growing!) You can use the “Add to Cart” button if you are interested in our Multiplication/Division Bundle or in any of our science, history, spelling or other packets in our store!

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Multiplication Bundle (300+ pages of materials)


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  • 2s Monster Truck Theme! (12 pages)

2s Multiplication and Division Worksheets

  • 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s (8 Pages) – Bugs, Butterfly and Flowers Theme
  • Flower and Bird Theme (25+ pages total) 13 worksheets specifically for learning the 3s; Plus it also has 8 pages of mixed practice for reviewing the 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s.
  • Flower and Bird Theme File Folder Games (2s through 6s)
  • The 4s Packet has a total of about 25 pages.

Multiplication By 4s Worksheets-Animal-Theme

  • The 6s Packet is 10 pages.
  • Multiplication by 7s Packet and Review Pages, 10 pages. (Only available in this bundle.)

Multiplication Worksheets 6s 7s

  • 8s packet (seen below) is 37 pages.
  • The 9s packet has  a total of 19 pages.
  • Mixed Multiplication Practice Pages (9 pages) – (Only available in this bundle.) Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction plus introducing the new skill – double-digit multiplication (a few problems on each page).

Multiplication Worksheets 8s 9s

  • Multiplication (and Division) Review Packet, Ancient Egypt Theme (25+ pages)
  • Easter QR Code Reader Multiplication Card Packet (12 pages)
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Fall Math Worksheets - Multiplication Practice

Multiplication and Division Worksheets

Mixed-Math-Practice-Introducing-Double-Digit-MultiplicationAncient-Egyptian-Theme-Multiplication-WorksheetsDivision Worksheet Packets - 2 pdfs with math fact worksheets - Valentines and Desert Themes

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Five Senses Unit - sight hearing touch smell touch - Worksheets and ActivitiesFive Senses Hands-On Activities

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