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Pete the Cat - Free Addition-Subtraction Worksheets 4

Addition and Subtraction with Pete the Cat (Free Worksheets)

If you are doing a Pete the Cat Unit, your kids might enjoy these FREE Addition Subtraction Worksheets inspired by Pete the Cat! My daughter borrowed several Pete the Cat books (affiliate link) from the library last week.  She’s been reading them over and over, so I made her a couple of math practice pages with a Pete the Cat type theme! She quickly used up those pages and I...


Christmas Division Pages

I shared DD’s multiplication pages a couple days ago. Now here are the division pages I made for LD. He isn’t as inspired by the cute pages, but I still made a few pages for him. You can download the Christmas-themed-division here. I made the illustrations myself. There also some addition (with Pete the Cat) and multiplication (with Pete the Cat)  pages in this same style. See you again soon...


Doubling Game (2+2, 3+3, etc.) with Pete the Cat

I made this gameboard to play with ED for math. It is the game “Bump,” for addition. Click here to download Pete’s Doubling Practice Gameboard  What you need: *Game board *Die with the numbers 1-6 *Two different types of tokens (one type per player) How to play: *One play rolls a die (with the numbers 1-6). *Double that number and cover one of the cats with her token. For example, if she...