Math Facts — Make it Active! Make it Fun!

Active Addition Games:

Last week, we rolled back the rug and taped down some addition facts ED is working on (the doubles 1+1 through 9+9).  ED loved that we made this an all-body experience!  First, she went through each problem, shouted out the answer and hopped to the next one…



Next, I set out all the answers at the end. She had to run, find the answer and place it down. She had to remember to look at the next problem before running to get the next answer! There were lots of laughs giggles and great math calculations going on!  By this time, her laughs and mine brought the other two kids running!!



Finally, she just hopped from one problem to the next, shouting out the answers! The other kids demanded turns even though these problems were easy-peasy for them! This was a HUGE hit in our household and the other kids wanted me to put out some problems for them this next week!



The older kids were totally into these too… so now we have some multiplication facts taped to the floor as well on the right hand side. (I didn’t take photos of that, but just pointing out that you can use any arithmetic facts your child needs to learn!!)

Beat the Timer (who knew this was an appealing game?!!)

For math last week, we hadn’t yet jumped back into our curriculum. We’ve just been trying to get into the rhythm of things. For my older two kids I simply printed out a page of multiplication problems (you can make your own sheets free at soft schools) and told them to do as many problems as possible in five minutes.  The next day they had to try and answer more problems than the day before.  Well, the kids were actually excited about that (yup, I’m scratching my head too!!). The next day they couldn’t wait!

Seeing that, ED BEGGED me all week to make a sheet for her so she could race the clock too!!  I didn’t have what I wanted on hand so I made a few pages with those facts from 1+1 through 9+9.  I don’t know that anyone else will find this useful because I think there was the allure of the older kids racing the clock, but hey — the worksheets are made — so I’ll share them just in case!

There are four pages of these problems:

Download the free Doubling Practice Worksheets here

Doubling Practice

Race to the Top Game Boards:

There are a couple of gameboards I downloaded and printed out to play with ED this week.  They are offered for free over at the Teacher’s Take Out. One entails rolling two dice and placing a token above the correct sum. The other entails rolling one die and adding ten.  Quick, easy, fun games that I think ED will enjoy! Thank you Stacy!

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  2. November 14, 2013

    […] that’s about it for now! You might also like this post about ED’s math activities: Math Facts: Make it Active! Make it Fun! where ED jumps and races to complete her math facts! Add a […]

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