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Math Facts — Make it Active! Make it Fun! 4

Math Facts — Make it Active! Make it Fun!

Active Addition Games: Last week, we rolled back the rug and taped down some addition facts ED is working on (the doubles 1+1 through 9+9).  ED loved that we made this an all-body experience!  First, she went through each problem, shouted out the answer and hopped to the next one…   Next, I set out all the answers at the end. She had to run, find the answer and place...


Doubling Game (2+2, 3+3, etc.) with Pete the Cat

I made this gameboard to play with ED for math. It is the game “Bump,” for addition. Click here to download Pete’s Doubling Practice Gameboard  What you need: *Game board *Die with the numbers 1-6 *Two different types of tokens (one type per player) How to play: *One play rolls a die (with the numbers 1-6). *Double that number and cover one of the cats with her token. For example, if she...