New Gov’t Study on Parent Involvement in Education

A report was released in last month which focused in large part on parent and family involvement in the students’ education during the 2011-2012 school year.  This was based on data reported by the students’ parents. It included questions relating to homework, parental involvement in the school, school-initiated communication, and participation in other educational activities.  Here are some interesting highlights from that report:


According to their parents, 96% of students in K-12 did homework outside of school.  The vast majority of those who did homework, 86%, had a place set aside for homework in their home.  Nearly 67% of students had their homework checked by an adult in the household.

Image: Young boy doing homework together with his father via Shutterstock

Parents were asked if the amount of homework given to students was “about right”

77% of students attending public, assigned schools had parents who thought the homework load was about right.

76% of students attending public, chosen schools had parents who felt that the homework load was about right.

85% of students attending private schools had parents who felt that the homework load was about right.

Parent participation in school activities:

87% of parents participated in the PTA/PTO or general school meeting.

76% of students had parents who reported attending parent-teacher conferences

74% of students had parents who attended a school or class event

42% of students had parents who volunteered or severed on a school committee

58% of students had parents who participated in school fund raising

33% of students had parents who met with a guidance counselor

Parent communication with the school:

Parents reported that the most common communication with the school was through newsletters, memos, email or notices addressed to all parents. 87% of parents reported receiving these announcements from their child’s school.

57% of students had parents who reported receiving notes or emails from the school specifically about their child.

41% of students had parents who reported that the school had contacted them by telephone.

School completion:

 Parents were asked the highest level of education their child was expected to attain:

1% did not expect their child to complete high school

9% did not expect their child to pursue education after high school

8% were expected to attend vocational or technical school after high school

17% were expected to attend 2 or more years of college 28% were expected to finish a 4 or 5 year college degree

37% were expected to earn a graduate or professional degree.

Student Participation in Other Educational Activities:

Parents were asked what activities students (grades K-12) had done in the past month:

54% had attended an event sponsored by a community, religious or ethnic group.

42% had attended an athletic or sporting event in which this child was not a player

39% had visited the library

38% had visited a bookstore

31% had gone to a play, a concert or other live show

21% had visited an art gallery, a museum or a historical site

19% had visited a zoo or an aquarium.

This report was really fascinating. The data was broken down by locale, school size, student race/ethnicity, parents’ highest educational level and more. You can look through the statistics yourself by visiting the National Center for Educational Statistics: Parent and Family Involvement in Education… 2012 

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