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Our Homeschool Language Arts, Spelling, and Grammar Curriculum

So, what does our family do for our homeschool language arts curriculum?  I’ll share what we’ve been using for 1st through 6th grades. Over the past week, I’ve gotten three separate emails and FB messages asking about what we use for language arts — spelling, grammar and literature. It must be that time of year again when we start thinking about our plans for next year. I’ll start with Spelling....

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-er Sound Spelling Printable

This fall my older two have been using Spelling City and going through lists of words (that I create). We stepped away from our beloved spelling program, All About Spelling, for a few months.  I noticed that DD needs a bit of review on some of the /er/ sound words so I typed up this spelling sort for her.  We cut out all the words on the page below. (Click...

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Grammar Worksheets: it’s or its; they’re, their, or there

I made this practice sheet for the kids to practice choosing between its and it’s  or they’re, their and there.  If anyone else can use this, it’s free to download: Grammar Practice: its-it’s they’re-their-there     We’ve been covering quite a number of different grammar points lately (homophones, commas, apostrophes, underlining and so forth).  You can browse through all our (free) grammar worksheets by clicking on the categories button in...

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Spelling: Free Review Sheet (er, ur or ir); Long O Word Sort

I made this spelling review sheet for the /er/ sound. We use All About Spelling Program (affiliate link) (which we love, love, love!) and this goes along with several of the lessons from books 2 and 3. Spelling has never come naturally to LD in particular, so he needs a bit more review from time to time. Feel free to download this for your child/students! Spelling: sound /er/ — er...

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Spelling Rules — Review Sheets

Here are a bunch of pages I made for the kids for reviewing some of the spelling rules they’ve learned. I’ll share these with anyone who might be interested. We use All About Spelling. I also gave examples of answers at the back of the pack (not shown below). This small pack covers the following rules: Long A words Long E words Silent E rules Vowel Teams (ou, ow, oi, oy,...

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Spelling Sort: Long E Words

Today I’m sharing the Long E Spelling Sort I made for the kids over the weekend. I made two sets–one the Pokemon themed set here and a bird set for those not crazy about Pokemon. Last week the older kids went over the Long A spelling words (it was new for DD, but I had LD review them as well). This list includes not only words like made or sail but...

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Spelling Sort: -ed sounds at the end of verbs

DD loves to write little notes and stories, so I made this sort to help her understand how/why past tense -ed verbs are formed. She’s a creative speller and will often end her verbs in -t or -id.  This is a lesson covered in All About Spelling, but she won’t be up to this lesson (in volume 3) for a while yet. This is just a more colorful version of...

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tion, sion, cion, cian Word Sort

Another word sort I made for the kids was for words ending in the /shun/ sound.  DD chose the theme this time! I printed the first page out in normal size and the other four pages two-per-page. You can print out your own copy of this tion sion cion cian word sort Hope someone finds this useful!   Please like & share:

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Long O Word Sort – Freebie – Space Themed

It probably comes as no surprise that we’ve been into the shuttle this past week or so! We use All About Spelling and I made a word sort that goes along with volume three (though since it’s a simple sort you can use it with your kids any time even if you don’t use All About Spelling). This is a space-themed word sort for long-o words. Just so you know...

What Should the Kids Be Learning? 1

What Should the Kids Be Learning?

I think we all worry a lot about what our kids need to know right now. What skills should they have? Can they do what they’re supposed to in fill-in-the-blank subject? We’re currently working on lots of stuff — math, spelling, physics, critical thinking, writing skills, music, but ultimately what is important that they remember and know from *this* day or *this* week? What do I want my kids to learn?...

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A Proud Moment for Homeschoolers

  A Six-Year-old Goes on to the National Spelling Bee A six year old homeschooler from Virginia is going to compete in the Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee after winning the Prince William County spelling bee where she competed against elementary and middle school students last Friday. She started competing in her first spelling bees at the age of 3 1/2. Congratulations to Lori and good luck! See the article and...

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Cute Writing Paper

I’ve been printing out our own customized writing paper for DD when she does her spelling and narration work.  She loves this paper and you can choose from all kinds of themes (animals, holidays, seasons, cartoon characters and more). You can also choose the size of the writing paper (from larger lines for beginner writers to standard rule for more seasoned writers).  Anyway, since we get SO much use out...

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Spelling: Silent Letters

Instead of jumping straight back into All About Spelling, I had the kids work on words with silent letters last week.  You can find this word sort in the language materials area at Montessori for Everyone. I made a couple of work sheets for DD and LD to do with these. You can download them here if you are interested. You can see the first two pages below. Words with Silent...