Spelling: Free Review Sheet (er, ur or ir); Long O Word Sort

I made this spelling review sheet for the /er/ sound. We use All About Spelling Program (affiliate link) (which we love, love, love!) and this goes along with several of the lessons from books 2 and 3. Spelling has never come naturally to LD in particular, so he needs a bit more review from time to time.

Feel free to download this for your child/students!

Spelling: sound /er/ — er ir ur

Spelling-er ir ur

My youngest, ED,  is now working on the /er/ Sound. I made an activity for her that you might be interested in. It is free until March 23 (10pm EST). After that it will be $2.50:

/er/ Sound Word Sort and Games

After you put in your email address and click download, a box will appear and you will be able to download the file.  You will also receive an email from SendOwl (the service I use) that says “Homeschool Den Purchase” (though of course it is currently free).  That email will also have the link for you to download this file. ~Liesl


DD has been working on the long-O sound in All About Spelling. (affiliate link).

She did this Long-O spelling sort that I made some time back for LD (thus the space theme!).


If you are interested, you can download the Long-O-spelling word sort here


What we like about  All About Spelling (affiliate link) is how hands-on it is.  The kids are introduced to a new concept or spelling rule and usually practice the concept first by using the tiles.  We use a small magnetic white board, but I’ve seen other families who have a giant white board which hangs on their wall.  Then they go on to practice words and sentences. We usually spend two days on each lesson — practicing about half the words (10-12 words) and half the sentences (6 sentences). We end each lesson with a quick writing workshop where I dictate 5 words and they use them in their own sentences or to write a story.


Spelling comes very naturally to my daughter and she has moved forward with ease. In fact, if we had more time I’m sure she’d be much farther ahead!  LD, on the other, is not a natural speller and because of that this program has been absolutely crucial.  I am so thankful we found this program. It’s logical, straight-forward approach has been wonderful for him. I just love how multi-sensory it is!

It lays out spelling rules and the program builds upon itself.  Here’s another picture of the kids using our spelling tiles:


Anyway, I love this program so much, I became an affiliate recently (after more than 5 years, just raving about their program!). The links in this post about All About Spelling are affiliate links. Initially, we bought the tile set (they call it the Spelling Interative Kit) and you also have to buy whichever level book is appropriate.  Over the years, we continued on from level to level so we have books 1 through 6.
Some people have a white board they mounted to the wall.  We have always used a small magnetic board. For a long time, we used a cheap plastic one we had from when the kids were toddlers, but a year or so ago I bought a nicer looking Doublesided Tabletop Easel (affiliate link) by Learning Resources.  I think it looks pretty nice.  We have another smaller magnet board underneath that holds the magnetic spelling tiles we’re not currently using.


P.S. Last week I also shared some spelling rules review sheets if you are interested. They’re free to download. ~Liesl

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.

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Spelling Packets:

Spelling Packets – Quick Preview (Glance through pictures of all of the spelling games/activities listed below)

$4.00 Long A Sound and Long I Sound Word Sorts and Games (plus the bonus packet: Word Sorts for Activities for r-wr and n-kn)

$3.00 Long E Sound Word Sort and Games

$3.00 ow ou oy oi aw au Word Sort Activities and Games

$3.00 /er/ Sound Word Sort and Games

$3.00 /k/ Sound Word Sort Activities and Games (c, k, ck, ch, cc, que – spellings)

$3.00 /ul/ Sound: Word Sort and Activities for words ending in -le -el -al -il -ol -ile

$3.00 ie ei Words – Worksheets, Activities & Games for words spelled ie (such as piece, chief, yield, ancient, science, glacier, goalie) and words spelled with ei (such as receive, beige, foreign, ceiling, receipt and more!)

$3.00 Plurals – Worksheets, Activities & Games for adding -s or -es to create plurals. Plus, there are activities for practicing irregular spellings & words that change from f to v.

$18.99 Spelling BUNDLE – Buy all of the packets listed above (and any that I create in the future). The Spelling Bundle includes: 1. Long A & Long I Packet 2. Long E Packet 3. ou/ow oy/oi au/aw Packet 4. /er/ Sound Packet 5. /k/ Sound Packet 6. /ul/ Sound Packet 7. ie/ei Words Packet 8. Plurals – add -s or -es Spelling Packets – Quick Preview

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Long A and Long I Word Sort Activities


Long i Words spelled ie y i-e igh y Activities

Long E Words: e ee ea e-e, ie, ei, y ey

Long E-Sound Word Sort Activities and Games

ou ow oi oy aw au Word Sort

ow ou oy oi aw au Word Sort-Activities

er Sound Word Sort and Game: ur, ir, er, or, ear, our Spelling Words

er-sound-word-sort-and-gamesK-Sound Spelling Sort:  This set works on the /k/ sound: covering the hard K-sound with spellings c, k, ck, ch, cc and que.


Spelling Word Endings -le -el -al -il -ol -ile Word Sort, Games, and Activities

L-sound le el al il ol ile - Gamesie ei Words – Worksheets and Activities

ie ei worksheets games and activites for spellling practice

Plurals – Activities and Games This set works on adding -s or -es to form plurals. Plus, there are some sorting cards & a game board for practicing some of the irregular plurals or words that change from f to v.

Plurals Spelling Games and ActivitiesPlurals - Irregular Words or Changing f to v

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