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er Sound Word Sort and Game: ur, ir, er, or, ear, our Spelling Words

ED is working on the /er/ sound.  She really enjoys the spelling word sort activities and enjoys playing these board games, so I made a new spelling activity for her with a desert scene!  These cover words spelled with ur such as burn, turn, nurse, church words spelled with ir such as girl, bird, shirt, dirt, circle words spelled with er such as summer, mother, desert words spelled with or...


-er Sound Spelling Printable

This new printable reviews some of the /er/ sound words. I made this to help DD with the different er sounds such as er, ear, ir, or, ur and our. As many of you know, we have used (and loved) All About Spelling (affiliate link) for years!   We stepped away from our beloved spelling program, All About Spelling, for a few months. This fall my older two have been using...


Spelling: Free Review Sheet (er, ur or ir); Long O Word Sort

I made this spelling review sheet for the /er/ sound. We use All About Spelling Program (affiliate link) (which we love, love, love!) and this goes along with several of the lessons from books 2 and 3. Spelling has never come naturally to LD in particular, so he needs a bit more review from time to time. Feel free to download this for your child/students! Spelling: sound /er/ — er...