U.S. Presidents’ Worksheets – Presidents Day

Free Presidents Day Notebook Pages!

The third Monday in February is a federal holiday in the U.S. It is officially called Washington’s Birthday. Because Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is February 12, many people refer to this holiday as Presidents’ Day.  This is also a state holiday, though different states call it different things:  Washington’s Birthday,   President’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Washington and Lincoln Day, and even George Washington/Thomas Jefferson Birthday (in Alabama).

This year, I decided we would spend a few days reviewing the U.S. Presidents again.  We have sung the US Presidents song from time to time in our homeschool.  This is a song, to the tune of “10 Little Indians” which has the Presidents’ names listed in order.  The kids know the first verse well and most of the second verse. We’re now working on the second and third verses in particular. You’ll find the USA Presidents Song lyrics in the Presidents Day download below.  🙂  And since I’m on the topic of singing, the kids also really liked learning the 50 States that Rhyme Song.  You can see someone else doing it on you-tube here: 50 States That Rhyme.  If you’re interested, I made a printable copy of the lyrics for the kids here: The Fifty States that Rhyme Song Lyrics

I also made a couple of notebook pages which will highlight a few of the Presidents who were in office during some of the major events:

  • Andrew Jackson                              the Trail of Tears.
  • Abraham Lincoln                            the Civil War
  • Woodrow Wilson                            World War I
  • Herbert Hoover (and FDR)          the Great Depression
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt           World War II
  • Harry S. Truman                            the Korean War
  • John F. Kennedy                            the Cuban Missile Crisis

This gives us a chance to talk briefly about some of these events even though we haven’t studied them in great depth yet.

So, as with many of our materials… these Presidents’ Worksheets are free to download if you can use them. 🙂  Just click on the link below!

Presidents Day Worksheets: US Presidents and Major World Events


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