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Preschool Games 0

Preschool Games

In this game, I made a number of dice with the numbers0-56-1010-15Each player chooses the mouse they want to be. Theneach player choose one die for that round. Both/allplayers roll their dice and pick up that number ofcookies for their mouse. Spin the spinner for that round and see who the “winner/s”was/were. cookies were from: cute activities relating to If You Give A MouseA Cookie from Belinda Mooney are at:

Princess Counting 0

Princess Counting

I printed off princess bookmarks from here. (Iactually used the j-peg image so I could printtwo sets (16 bookmarks total) on one page, but youcan also get the larger bookmarks in a pdf file there. (It took several tries, but I did manage to view thepdf file, just so you know.) I put a dot sticker onthe bottom with the numerals 1-19. I pulled outour beads and DD has really...

Theme Time: Princess 12

Theme Time: Princess

With two girls, we have lots of princess thingsaround. Since it really appeals to the girls, I seeno reason not to tap into their interests. So from bugs,frogs and the outdoors one day–to princesses the next! At any rate, the princess theme was a big hitespecially the wooden castle which DD paintedand the princess numbers/beads. We did lots ofbuilding, puzzle making, read lots of princess booksand things like that.

Theme Time: Dinosaurs 0

Theme Time: Dinosaurs

It’s amazing how many books and things you findin various nooks and crannies around the house.We had quite a large selection of dinosaur books,puzzles, animals (mostly from my childhood!).I added in a puppet, board game and made amath worksheet for DD. (You can download itat the right if you’re interested.)  The wonderful thing about this was that ED andDD spent a LOT of time here today doing thingsindependently (though I...


Squirrel Math Grid Game

DD and I played a squirrel math grid game today. We took turns rolling the dice and gathering acorns for our squirrels. She also quickly did the oak tree life cycle. Both activities were from (the acorns were from another game I printed out that we’ll play tomorrow, but if you have real acorns nearby that’d certainly be a better option!)

Math Game: Color Exchange Game (Grouping 10) 0

Math Game: Color Exchange Game (Grouping 10)

In this game you need some counters (we used coloredtiles) and a deck of cards without the jokers, 10s or picturecards. Each player takes a turn. The player turns over a cardand adds that many tiles to her paper. (DD had to addyellow tiles, I added red tiles.) After she placed her tileson the yellow paper, she had to determine if there weremore than 10 tiles. If so, she took...

Preschool Number Line Recognition Games 0

Preschool Number Line Recognition Games

Here’s another number line recognition game I playedwith DD. We put the numbers in order from 0 to 13. Thenshe had to close her eyes while I switched two cards. Shehad to find and correct the switch. Then it was her turnto switch the cards while I closed my eyes. In the end,we switched lots of numbers and put them back in theright order. With the same set-up, we also...

Preschool Math — Number Line Game 1

Preschool Math — Number Line Game

Here’s an activity DD (age 4) and I played together today.It is good for reinforcing number recognition. Theobject is to be the first person to turn over the cardsfrom 0 to 12 in order. To set up we turned the numbers 0-12 upside downin a row (one row for each player). When it was a player’sturn she got to turn over two cards (Mom actually onlyturned over one card). If...