Preschool Number Line Recognition Games

Here’s another number line recognition game I played
with DD. We put the numbers in order from 0 to 13. Then
she had to close her eyes while I switched two cards. She
had to find and correct the switch. Then it was her turn
to switch the cards while I closed my eyes. In the end,
we switched lots of numbers and put them back in the
right order.

With the same set-up, we also did “hide and seek numbers.”
The numbers were in order 0 to 13. DD closed her eyes
while I stole two numbers and pushed the numbers
close together to fill in the gaps. She had to figure out
which numbers I stole. She did the same for me but also
switched the numbers around. She really enjoyed these
two games.

I also posted the tonging activity simply because she and
ED go back to this activity daily. Grams sent us the new
box and they both liked packing and unpacking the box.

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