Bird Related Activities

So aside from learning about the birds in our area (which are all new to the kids), I also selected a number of general bird and chicken activities to slip into their workboxes. Here are a couple they did today:

DD had this chicken grid game from in her workbox today for math.  We played with two dice and she had to try adding them together.  That’s quite challenging for her (4 1/2), but it added a new dimension since one die is to simple.  I was amused that LD came RUNNING over to play a few rounds with us!
DD and ED also had pattern blocks in their workbox today.  DD had a bird pattern, but I didn’t get a picture of that!  You can download a lot of free pattern pictures from  I especially like those because you can choose the black and white option (as above) for older kids and a colored version, which ED (2 1/2) uses.

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