Bird’s Egg Craft

This activity would probably be perfect around Easter!  This summer as I wandered around Hobby Lobby I saw all the cute colored brads.  Not just the plain round ones as were available in our town last year, but flowers, hearts and things like that.  I picked up a couple boxes of brads, a push-pin looking thing I also saw at H-L or Michaels and a bunch of styrofoam eggs.  All three kids had a blast decorating eggs!

I love the beautiful trays Grams let us bring with us to our new home.  She got them in the Philippines and let us have a dozen! She also gave us a lovely assortment of baskets (from their tours in Romania and the Philippines).  Thank you Grams!  The little black container in the picture below is from India.  It was one of those things that was THRUST upon us when hubby and I visited the Taj Mahal years ago (pre-kids!).  We bought the box from the hawkers and then scratched our heads wondering why we bought it.  Well, it has good use these days — ties in a bit of geography every now and then too!

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