Endless Paper at the Craft Table

Today Daddy took the kids out to the playground leaving me with an hour or so to myself. I managed to clear stuff off of our craft/science table. Then as I was unpacking one of the boxes, I came across the roll of butcher paper our friends gave us. As I considered where to store it, I realized I could put it UNDER and ACROSS the craft table for an endless roll of drawing paper for the girls. I put a baby food jar of crayons out, put the chairs in place (for the first time, mind you!) and didn’t give it much more thought.

You can see the roll of paper under the craft table (in front of DD). When they’re done with their masterpiece, I simply pull the paper up at the back (carefully with two hands) and cut off the finished picture.

When they got home, the girls immediately made a bee line for the craft table and set about drawing for about an hour!!

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