Princess Counting

I printed off princess bookmarks from here. (I
actually used the j-peg image so I could print
two sets (16 bookmarks total) on one page, but you
can also get the larger bookmarks in a pdf file there.
(It took several tries, but I did manage to view the
pdf file, just so you know.) I put a dot sticker on
the bottom with the numerals 1-19. I pulled out
our beads and DD has really enjoyed working
with them!! (She’s working on the felt board
I made that folds up compact when not in use.)

Below is a wooden scrap booking set that I
saw when I went to a big craft store down South
last November. We’ve been meaning to pull
out the paints for DD to decorate it; we finally
did for the princess theme table. After the
paint was dry she and ED played with it a lot!

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