Preschool Games

In this game, I made a number of dice with the numbers
Each player chooses the mouse they want to be. Then
each player choose one die for that round. Both/all
players roll their dice and pick up that number of
cookies for their mouse.

Spin the spinner for that round and see who the “winner/s”

cookies were from:
other cute activities relating to If You Give A Mouse
A Cookie from Belinda Mooney are at:
I especially like her cute alphabet cards

The butterfly net catcher game is just the same.
Each player chooses a die, rolls it and then someone
spins the spinner to see who was the winner.

Pretty butterflies were from
In the printer options I chose “multiple copies per
page” so that the butterflies would be small enough.

Squirrel Grid Game:

Each player takes a turn rolling the die and
covering the squirrel with acorns (the acorn counters
were from, a paid site I really enjoy).
The first player to cover their board wins.

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