Preschool – Tot Bag Activites

As you probably know, we’re getting ready to leave
Australia. The packers come next Tuesday, so
I’ve been quite busy. Our suitcases are mostly
packed with the things we’ll need/use for the
next 3-4 months. I thought I’d share this
bag of preschool -tot activities I put together.
We’ll be spending a week here, a week there
for a couple of months, so this should be a good
collection of small things to pull out when in
need in small hotel rooms and so forth. I’ve used
them to throw into workboxes, so they’re really
nothing particularly new, but seeing them all
together might give you a new idea or two.

So here’s the bag and the pictures that follow
explain what’s inside.

I took pieces of construction paper and
put lots of dots on them in various designs
(letters, butterflies, numbers, space ships
etc.). The kids were so excited that they insisted
on doing a half-dozen while I was taking photos!

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