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Halloween Lanterns

The day before Halloween we made lanterns on glass baby food jars and tissue papers. We placed small candles inside and they looked quite cute. You might want to check out some of our other Halloween Posts: Halloween: Freebies (Math, Writing), Homemade Candy Corn Recipe and More!! Free Letter W Printables Halloween Party Games! Free Printable: Homemade Candy CornRecipe: When we lived in Australia (when the kids were little), we...

Stickers for the toddler 0

Stickers for the toddler

Here’s an easy activity everyone probably does with theirkids — stickers! Oriental Trading sells rolls of round stickers that all threeof my kids have LOVED as toddlers (ED is 20 months now).Search within the Oriental Trading website under “sticker rolls.”ED’s using some Halloween stickers, but there are allkinds of sticker themes from holidays, animals and dinosaurs,to Bible and religious stickers. If your child is young, I wouldrecommend using the round...

Board Games 0

Board Games

The kids have really enjoyed games this week — we’ve playedCandy Land, DinoMath Tracks, Hungry Hippos, the marblerun (not really a board game, but stored with the games!), LetterSoup, and several card games (Rat-a-tat-Cat) being the favorite! Please like & share:

Preschool Activities — Go to Archives July 2009 0

Preschool Activities — Go to Archives July 2009

JULY 2009’s postings are all preschool/toddler related. I’veposted a lot of the homemade (and Montessori) typeactivities I’ve put together for my 3 year and 18 month oldand placed them together in one month for easy access. Please like & share:

Our Very First Post 0

Our Very First Post

We have just set up a new website that will be dedicated to our homeschooling activities. Hope you enjoy our new blog! Please like & share: