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Homemade Christmas Lanterns

We’ve been doing lots of holiday-related activities. Today we brought out our hammers and cans (filled with ice) to make lanterns. LD especially like this, though I was impressed with how long ED worked at it as well! Once the ice melted, we were ready to light them with small tea candles inside and set them along the driveway to welcome Daddy home! You might be interested in some of...

Outdoor Play — Fairy House, Sledding without Snow 0

Outdoor Play — Fairy House, Sledding without Snow

 A huge part of our homeschool routine continues to be spending time outdoors.  I feel the kids need outdoor time — and send them out to play for an hour or so every afternoon.  A lot of the time, I spend some of that time cutting wood and gathering kindling for the fire. (We use the fireplace once or twice a day. It really helps make our homeschool room cozy.)...

Catching Up 0

Catching Up

Our internet has been down for a week. Ugh! Hope to be up and running in the next day or so.  ED has had a horrible case of hives (from head to toe) and it turns out that she has Strep. We’re taking it easy and will just enjoy some nice weather outside since we can’t go anywhere until she’s not contagious. 

Lots of Math Manipulatives! A glance at DDs work. 6

Lots of Math Manipulatives! A glance at DDs work.

 Here’s a quick glance DD’s math work for the day (she just turned 5).  I had her set up the numbers.  She counted from 10 to 100 several times before I had her build double-digit numbers. I put a large handful of tiles in front of her and asked her to figure out whether there were an odd or even number of tiles (meanwhile, ED is making a tower!!).  Also,...

Great Preschool Printables Website 2

Great Preschool Printables Website

I was looking for the alphabet and number cards with certain themes — fall leaves, snowflakes, and penguins.  I stumbled across this terrific website that has all kinds of beautiful free printables: Communication 4 Some of the early learning themes include space, pirates, minibeasts, animals, dinosaurs, under the sea, castles, India, months and seasons, the water cycle, and other themes. Just thought I’d share my discovery in case someone...

Fall Craft Slideshow 0

Fall Craft Slideshow

Someone on one of my yahoo groups shared this link to Valerie’s Slideshow of Fall Crafts. There are lots of colorful fall and Thanksgiving related craft ideas. I was impressed!

Second Grade Readings 0

Second Grade Readings

It has been a LOOooong time since I have consistently sat down with LD to listen to him read.  Instead, he has been doing independent reading primarily on his own.  This week I was pretty impressed with his intonation, rhythm and general reading ability.  Grams gave us a children’s encyclopedia set and among other things he read some articles to me on birds and fossils.  He’s also reading through a...


Sunny Side Up (game learning about double digit numbers)

I brought out a dice game to play with DD called Sunny Side Up.  The dice have the numbers 1-5 and a smiley face.  I made little cards that have 9 numbers using just those digits (such as 51, 42, 14, 3, 5…).  We each have our own card and take turns tossing the dice.  We try to build numbers using the value on each die.  So you need a...

Always Helpful! 0

Always Helpful!

This box held the doll house my Grandfather made for my Mom when she was a little girl.  Once we removed the doll house (to pack into the trailer we’ll be bringing east), the kids jumped right in and played!

Farm Visit 0

Farm Visit

As I mentioned before, we had a lovely time with our cousins. One of the things we did while we were with them in California was to go to a working farm. The kids got to feed animals and pick their own strawberries. The farm also had a mine set up and LD and Cousin B thoroughly enjoyed panning through a bag of rocks for gems. Hours later, LD could...

On the Road… 5

On the Road…

We’ve now been on the road for more than a month. I have a few minutes on my own and thought I’d take the opportunity to write a brief update.  Not much to report on the homeschooling front, but life in general has been full to overflowing!! Our first stop after leaving Alice Springs/Sydney was California.  We spent two weeks there and enjoyed time at Legoland, the La Brea Tar...

Another Flood Photo — What’s left of my sister’s living room 6

Another Flood Photo — What’s left of my sister’s living room

Here’s another picture sent by my sister. This is the livingroom/study and dining room — looks out on the backyard. Yes, that’s insulation hanging on the lamp chain. And on the right, that leg stick up near the far door, that’s the piano. Again, this is one of the rooms on the first floor.  The water went at least 5-7 feet higher than this room.  This level of the house...