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This is the United States–Unit Study of Landmarks and Symbols

We have been working steadily on our USA landmarks and symbols unit study. This is a unit that doesn’t lend itself as well to pictures since I have pulled it together using history resources I have on hand. The kids each have a notebook and we’ve been adding to it steadily. Funny enough, LD has said he LOVES history and has been really into this unit.  That amazes me a...

After Three Months of Training… 0

After Three Months of Training…

I ran and finished a half-marathon this morning.  It was a trail run with intense hills, but I did it and finished strong.  Hooray! It’s been nearly 10 years since I ran my last race, so I feel pretty proud of myself this afternoon (if not a bit tired and sore!).

Learning Spaces 4

Learning Spaces

I love these pictures of other people’s learning spaces. I learned about pinterest from Laura (of My Montessori Journey) who now homeschools her two boys over at Walnut Hill Homeschool.

This is my lucky month! 8

This is my lucky month!

I was chatting with a friend of mine whose daughter is in ED’s gymnastics class. She mentioned that her Mom was down-sizing and getting rid of lots of stuff. At one point they homeschooled and had some “kits and stuff” they wanted to get rid of.  Since LD is so into science I went to have a look.  I don’t know if you can tell, but this is PERFECT for...


Foreign Language GOLDMINE!!! German Flashcards, German Writing Worksheets

Are you looking for German materials for kids? I found a goldmine!!!! I am SO excited about the German language flashcards and resources I came across. If anyone is teaching their young ones a foreign language, you might want to check them out.  The drawings are cute cartoon style. They offer flashcards/word sheets in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese (a few of these sheets are even in Portuguese and...

Montessori Teacher Training Giveaway 2

Montessori Teacher Training Giveaway

There’s a giveaway over at Living Montessori Now.  She is giving away a complete Montessori (3-6) training course by Karen Tyler! I’ve heard about Karen’s courses for years now and everyone absolutely raves about them. Check out the details by clicking here.

Happy Birthday Dad! 1

Happy Birthday Dad!

The kids decided Dad should have a dragon-themed party (in honor of Ferno from LD’s Beast Quest books). I’m no cake-maker (my friend M is amazing!!!), but the kids were happy with the results! The kids enjoyed Dad’s scavenger hunt — it took them around the house, out to the tire swing in the woods, up our rope ladder and back all around the house!

Wasps 4


We had this ever-growing yellow-jacket’s nest on our front porch.  Dad sprayed this nest twice without luck, so we finally called in exterminators.  But in the meantime, we did some reading about wasps from a free download by Homeschool Bits. We learned that wasps are extremely beneficial. Nearly every pest insect on Earth is preyed upon by a wasp species.  Unfortunately, this nest was right next to our front door...

Looking Back at Our Activities and Units 2

Looking Back at Our Activities and Units

I’ve been trying to pull out a few photos which highlight some of our activities this year (and in general). You’ll notice them in the sidebar to the right.  If you’re interested in seeing more you can click on the photo and that will bring up posts from that particular unit.

Busy Week 0

Busy Week

We had a really busy week this week. Among other things we went to a museum with friends.  The kids absolutely loved the hands-on portion. Since the kids had their gymnastics as well that day, they practically fell into bed that night!      

Oh so sick… 6

Oh so sick…

This has been a very hard year for us.  We’ve been here in the house just 8 months and we’ve had upper-respiratory infections, the flu, pneumonia, strep — twice, ear infections, weird rashes (all of this hitting most everyone in the family)… and this past week we’ve had gastro (my guess is rota-virus).  It started with ED early last week. Then we went out of town to visit Grandma and...


Fairy Tale Unit: Rapunzel, Hansel & Gretel, Three Little Pigs Activities

These are the two fairy tale collections we’ve been reading from.  I highly recommend the one on the left, Treasury of Classic Children’s Stories. (affiliate link) (Update in 2015: All three of my kids loved, loved, loved the fairy tales in Classic Children’s Stories. At first I read them aloud, later they read them to themselves. In fact,  ED now reads the stories to herself and the book is on our kitchen...

A Blogging Break 2

A Blogging Break

We have been having so much fun lately that I haven’t felt like blogging.  The kids have thrown themselves head-first into a gardening/plant/sunflower unit. We’ve been working on our outdoor garden, planting seeds (indoors), lapbooking, reading lots of books about plants and gardens… and so much of this is directed by the kids that I’m just along for the ride! Anyway, all is well here — just busy (in a...

Update on my wounded relative who is a Marine 4

Update on my wounded relative who is a Marine

 Another quick update: R had surgery (one of many, many he’s had in the past week) a couple days ago to attach the muscle to the bone. Apparently it was very painful.  That coupled with the fact that they found a blood clot in his lung, R is having a tough time.  My prayers, love and hugs to R.————- I wrote a short post about my cousin’s son who was...