Happy Holidays!

Since we are taking a couple of weeks off, I have some posts scheduled to post automatically.  I’ll be sharing more pictures of our astronomy unit on Wednesday and then over the course of the next week or so. Today, though I wanted to come on and wish you all

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year.
Each evening at dinner, our family takes a few moments in silence to be thankful. Then we go round the table and each talk about what we’re most thankful for.  The kids often come up with the sweetest things… “I’m thankful for the sun.” or “I’m thankful for the picture Abby (a friend) gave me.” Well my blogging friends, I am very thankful for the blogging community. I’m very thankful for all the ideas that are shared so freely.  I’m looking forward to another wonderful year of learning, exploring, growth and new memories. And to all of  you, all the best for a great New Year!  ~ Liesl
P.S. Hubby got me an Ipod nano this Christmas and I’ve been downloading lots of podcasts from Itunes. Does anyone have any great recommendations of podcasts… I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the choices!! I like listening to things when I’m in cleaning/clean up mode so I’m pretty excited about my new toy. 🙂

Oh and on the gift topic… My girls received dolls from Santa. Personally I don’t much like Barbies, but Santa scrounged up the beautiful Madame Alexander dolls of my childhood and left one each for them (around $30 on ebay). The best thing is that when I was little my Auntie Barbara made lots and lots of doll clothes for my “Liesl, Sound of Music” doll (the doll with the striped apron in the bottom right picture below).  So my girls should have a lot of fun dressing their new dolls up. DD is also keen to learn to sew, so we may give doll-dress-making a go!  DD got ‘Cinderella’ (left) and ED got ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (blue dress). Alice was what my older sister had when she was little.

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