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Flood Destroyed Den/Library

My sister sent this picture of their den/library/study. This area had their computers, a number of tall bookshelves and so forth. The ceiling used to be finished, but this room was fully submerged under the waters; you can see the collapsed ceiling over the top of the other stuff. (The flood waters reached the second story beds, another 5-7 feet above this room.) My sister said they don’t know yet...

My Heart Goes Out to My Sister 6

My Heart Goes Out to My Sister

My sister, her husband and three kids live and homeschool in Nashville, Tennessee.  They have just lost most everything they own when floods rose to above the beds in their second story.  The first floor (living room, kitchen, library, den, hobby room) was fully submerged when creek flood levels rose. (We’ve been there, and the water must have risen at least 50 feet to have gotten that high!) Considering that...

Free Montessori Cards 4

Free Montessori Cards

I noticed that there are free “guess what” cards at For example, there’s a close-up picture of a sunflower and one picture from farther away. These cards would probably be appropriate for 2-4 year olds.  It’s probably only available for another day or so, but thought I’d mention it here. Also there are some new free cards at  showing the food and its product (tomato and ketchup, for...

Todd River Starts to Flow 0

Todd River Starts to Flow

It has been raining quite a bit the past few days.  The other day, a friend of a friend  stopped at the Todd River bed, which is normally dry.  He happened to catch the river just as it started to flow! The kids and I drove by around 11am (a half hour after this was shot) and the river was full from bank to bank and quite deep!  Amazing!

Cubby House Fun 0

Cubby House Fun

I bought foam remninants and made lots of foamcushions of all different sizes years ago from thesmall ones above to the long, 5 foot ones below. My kids have such a great time playing with these! They are constantly building cubby houses.Yesterday, they put on a long “show” for me. LDwas under the cubby (see the hand in the middlepicture) when suddenly an earthquake struck AND… eventually it turned into...

The Homeschool Hop: 10 Random Questions 24

The Homeschool Hop: 10 Random Questions

Time for a bit of fun this week. Just copy the 10 questions below and enter your answers after each one of them for this week’s blog hop. I can’t wait to see all of your answers. 1. What time is it right now? 5:20pm, I’m making dinner 2. What are you wearing? my soccer uniform 3. What is your mood? great, I have an evening out (soccer followed by...

Layers of the Earth Activity and Cards 0

Layers of the Earth Activity and Cards

I’ve been quite ill this week (I think I was awake for a total of three hours yesterday), so I won’t be posting very much this week. Someone shared a link to the learning ark where there was a wonderful hands on activity about the layers of the earth. There are printable layers of the earth cards at Cultivating Dharma.

Winter Olympics 0

Winter Olympics

We’ve been doing some activities related to the winter Olympics.  If you have younger kids be sure to check out They have some printable activities you might find of use.

Sunflower School House Website (writing prompts) 3

Sunflower School House Website (writing prompts)

Honey over at Sunflower School House always amazes me with the free downloads she provides.  She has had some website problems and has redesigned her website.  I was over their taking a look when I had a moment this morning.  She has a First Creativity Journal that has writing assignments that will be perfect for LD. [Scroll down her download list, it’s in alphabetical order.]  I’ll definitely use those along...

And other school subjects… 0

And other school subjects…

We’ll be posting more about science experiments for the next few weeks (after all that’s makes for better pictures), but we are more or less back into the swing of things with: mathhandwritingjournal writing (or preschool activities for DD)German (review: greetings, numbers and animals)reading (them reading to me)book time (me reading to them)art (daily crafts/drawing — if not multiple times a day!)the kids have also been doing mazes and dot-to-dots...