Our entire family needs a collective sigh of relief.  We’ve been hammered and as a result we’re just plain tired.  Let’s see, so I wrote about the furnace going out. Then LD got a virus.  Well, the day he felt better, I got a slightly different virus. I was so sick I had to call Dad home from work (last Friday).  By midafternoon I couldn’t get out of bed.  I was in bed for two days.  Then as I got better (meaning I could get out of bed, but still have an achy head/full ears/raspy cough), the girls and LD came down with my virus.  And Dad came down with my virus.  ED in particular needed me day and night.  The kids slept day and night on Monday and Tuesday. They started to feel better yesterday (as did Dad). 
Then a snowstorm hit.  

Dad left around 4:30 from work.  We kept tabs on him as he inched forward along slick roads.  We lost power, heat and water so we all piled in the homeschool room in front of the fireplace.  Dad arrived home from work at 12:30AM!!!!  My muscles are achy because I spent so much time shoveling.  Remember that organized feeling I had?? Right out the window. I still have a headache (from the virus) and sinus pressure, I’m tired and feeling ever so not inspired by anything.  The only school stuff we’ve done in a while is reading and math. (And more reading, and more reading.) I think *my* sense of satisfaction is often tied to feeling like our homeschooling is inspiring, fun, creative and engaging.  When it’s not??  Then I’m plagued with all those niggling feelings that we’re not doing enough (?? what does that mean anyway?!)… all the stuff you vent and release to your friends, but can’t because you’re homebound sick.  Sigh…
I came back to add in the snowstorm picture. Enough of my complaints.  Goodness, isn’t nature beautiful, awesome and inspiring? 

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