Penguin Unit

It’s taken a while to sort through my pictures to show what we have been doing with our penguin unit.  Most of the activities were for ED, though there were a few sprinkled in for DD and LD as you’ll see. DD has been working diligently on a penguin/Antarctica lapbook.  We’ll share pictures of that soon.

So here’s the first cute activity. I took bottle cap letters from Confessions of a Homeschooler and glued them to the bottom of these cute ornaments from the craft store.  I printed out a few penguin letter sheets from Communication4all

I set them up on the table in the mornings, but then need to put them back in her workbox or the penguins go walking!

Along those same lines, I printed out the penguin numbers from communication4all and had ED feed the penguin the number of fishes it wants.  Then ED gets to help eat them. You can also find penguin numbers at Making Learning Fun.
ED just loves do-a-dot pages right now. This is from Making Learning Fun.  You could have your child cover the circles with pennies or magnets instead.
This lacing card is from Activity Village
Penguin hat color matching — from
stickers from oriental trading
a wooden penguin mask on sale for 50cents at Joann Fabrics

We read a number of penguin related books together.  The girls LOVED Cuddly Dudley.  We’ve read it at least 15 times if not more, often twice in a row!

The Emperor’s Egg is a non-fiction type book explaining how the male penguin cares for the egg. This was a wonderful book and led right into our penguin-care activity below!

The kids tried to walk with an egg on their feet (you have to look closely at the picture. It doesn’t show up very well.)  LD was able to do it for a very short distance, but once he put it on his tummy, he raced around the room!
We had to watch some of this amazing film — March of the Penguins! The kids were sad when the egg rolled onto the ice and the film showed the egg freezing and cracking.

As I mentioned, DD has been working very hard on her penguin/Antarctica lapbook. We’ll share more about that soon.

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