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K-Sound Spelling Word Sort Activities: c, k, ck, ch, cc, que

ED is working on the /k/ sound.  She really enjoys the word sort activities I’ve made for her, so this is a new set covering the hard K-sound with spellings c, k, ck, ch, cc and que. Words that use a c such as cat, scalp, cabin, picnic Words that use a k such as kite, sink, rake, king, milk, make, bark Words that use ck such as thick, neck,...

L-Sound Words - le el al il ol ile - Worksheets Activities and Games 0

Spelling Word Endings -le -el -al -il -ol -ile Word Sort, Games, and Activities

ED has been working on the /ul/ sound; word patterns and rules for words that end with le, el, al, il, ol, and ile. le words: people, struggle, little, table, available, article, terrible, etc. el words: level, model, hotel, travel, channel, fuel, novel, etc. al words: local, sandal, general, material, hospital, animal, etc. il words: until, pupil, civil, pencil, fossil, basil, etc. ol words: control, alcohol, symbol, petrol, cholesterol, etc....

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er Sound Word Sort and Game: ur, ir, er, or, ear, our Spelling Words

ED is working on the /er/ sound.  She really enjoys the spelling word sort activities and enjoys playing these board games, so I made a new spelling activity for her with a desert scene!  These cover words spelled with ur such as burn, turn, nurse, church words spelled with ir such as girl, bird, shirt, dirt, circle words spelled with er such as summer, mother, desert words spelled with or...


Spelling: Free Review Sheet (er, ur or ir); Long O Word Sort

I made this spelling review sheet for the /er/ sound. We use All About Spelling Program (affiliate link) (which we love, love, love!) and this goes along with several of the lessons from books 2 and 3. Spelling has never come naturally to LD in particular, so he needs a bit more review from time to time. Feel free to download this for your child/students! Spelling: sound /er/ — er...

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Spelling Sort: Long E Words

Today I’m sharing the Long E Spelling Sort I made for the kids over the weekend. I made two sets–one the Pokemon themed set here and a bird set for those not crazy about Pokemon. Last week the older kids went over the Long A spelling words (it was new for DD, but I had LD review them as well). This list includes not only words like made or sail but...

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Spelling: ou, ow word sort

I got this cute word sort mat from Finally in First.  Thank you, Jenn! There are other cards that address this ou/ow spelling/pronunciation pattern here and  here. Worksheets (like fill in the blank, etc.) that use the oi/ow diphthongs — here. Online spelling game with ou/ow.

Word Family Activity 10

Shamrock- Spelling, Word Family Sort

Confession Time: One thing that I have not done well these past couple of years is to include activities that show word family patterns.  Both LD and DD learned to read easily and early.  Once they were off and reading, I guess I never saw much “point” in going over these kinds of things. But then… then I saw LD struggle as a writer. He has worked hard on the...

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Long O Sound Word Sort and Games

NEW! Long O Vowel Sound Spelling Packet The Long O Sound Packet helps students learn and review the patterns and rules for words that have the long /ō/ vowel sound.  This 30-page packet includes Long O Word Sorts, Games and Activities – o, o_e, oa, ow, oe Spelling Words. Some of the Long O-Sound words include: o words: open, cold, post, gold, zero, potato, etc. o_e words: home, slope, pole,...

Spelling BUNDLE - Activities and Games

Spelling Bundle

Our Spelling BUNDLE currently consists of 9 PDFs. Pictures are provided below! 1. Long A & Long I Packet 2. Long E Packet 3. Long O Packet (NEW!) 4. ou/ow oy/oi au/aw Packet 5. /er/ Sound Packet 6. /k/ Sound Packet 7. /ul/ Sound Packet 8. ie/ei Words Packet 9. Plurals – add -s or -es Glance through pictures of all of the spelling games/activities listed below. Our packets are...

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ie ei Words – Worksheets and Activities

This new activity packet will help your kids practice those tricky IE and EI words! It includes various activities, games and worksheets! This ie/ei Word Activity Packet includes more than 50 words to practice. It includes IE words such as friend, believe, cashier, siege, relieve, efficient, glaciers, yield and achieve. And it includes EI words such as receive, deceit, ceiling, receipt, foreign, protein, eight, beige, sleigh, neighbors and others. IE...

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Grammar, Spelling in our Homeschool

The homeschool families I know all tackle language arts a little differently.  I thought I would share how we work grammar and spelling into our schedule over the course of the year. I’ll also share some of the topics we tend to cover each year. Back a number of years ago, I always tried to do both grammar and spelling daily… but I found that too be too much with...

World Facts - Geographic Features Landmarks Deserts Worksheets and more 2

Geographic Features, Landform Words & Topographic Map Activities – World Facts Packet Update!

We do a lot of history units and basic geography in our homeschool, but I also want to cover some other social studies topics. Once every year or so, we add in this World Facts Unit. We go over some basic world facts, as well as geographic terms, landforms, the deserts of the world, some famous world landmarks, topographic maps, and more. We cover… What are the four largest countries? (Russia,...

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Long E Words e, ee, ea, e-e, ie, ei, y, ey Activities and Games

Long-e Spellings: e, ee, ea, e-e, ie, ei, y and ey Spelling Word Sort Activities and Games Our family has used All About Spelling (affiliate link) for many years. It lays out various spelling rules in a really clear, easy to follow manner.  I’ve found that the kids also enjoy doing activities and games to help reinforce what they have learned. (Find out more about why we love the AAS program...

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FREE Sight Word and CVC Holiday Activity Packet

Today’s holiday freebie is for those of you whose kids are just starting to read. It is 30-pages and has six sets of words that kids can work on: 2-letter sight words Bob Book Words (from Bob Books Set 1, affiliate link) CVC-Words -at, -it, -ot, -ut CVC Words -ad, -id, -od, -ud CVC Words -ag, -ig, -og, -ug CVC Words -an, -in, -on, -un Each set has a matching...