Spelling Sort: Long E Words

Today I’m sharing the Long E Spelling Sort I made for the kids over the weekend.

I made two sets–one the Pokemon themed set here and a bird set for those not crazy about Pokemon.

Last week the older kids went over the Long A spelling words (it was new for DD, but I had LD review them as well). This list includes not only words like made or sail but also the more unusual spellings like aigh (straight), eigh (neighbor) and ey (they). (By the way, I originally made it for the kids with owls, but because of copyright I changed it to some copyright-free images of birds that you see on the right.)

I needed the same type activity for Long E words and the kids begged for me to make one with Pokemon creatures. They are really into trading Pokemon cards with a bunch of their friends. This spelling sort includes the following type spellings:

  • e — he, me
  • e-e — even, Steve
  • ee — free, green
  • ea — please, mean, seat
  • ie — thief, shield
  • ei — ceiling, deceive
  • y — happy, lovely
  • ey —  alley, valley
(This is about 8 pages long.)

I think the cards were a hit because when I looked over after LD had finished sorting earlier in the week, he was poised to start cutting up all the cards so he could have a huge pile of the Pokemon creatures!!

For those who are not interested in Pokemon, I have the same Long E sort with birds:

Hope someone find these useful. We use All About Spelling but I bring in various spelling sorts now and then as well.

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