High School Chemistry Homeschool Syllabus

Free Printable Chemistry Syllabus for Homeschoolers!

This year my youngest daughter is doing high school chemistry. I wanted to share the basic chemistry syllabus I created to (try to 🤣) keep us organized!

This syllabus should give you an idea of what we will be covering and the notebook pages and worksheets I printed out for her. (Hopefully I didn’t forget much… there’s a lot I carry in my head rather than writing down!!) If you click on the link or picture below it will bring up the free PDF:

FREE PRINTABLE: High School Chemistry – Homeschool Syllabus

High School Chemistry Syllabus for Homeschool

We have done various chemistry units off and on since late elementary, so some topics we will just need to review. Others she might need to dive into more depth. Depending on how much chemistry your kids/students have had, you may need to go into more depth on things like valence electrons/Bohr diagrams, Lewis Diagrams, electron configuration, etc. if they haven’t done much chemistry prior to this.

My goal for ED is to get through the review (which for us is through the bottom of the first page as well as electron configuration) as quickly as possible.

I pulled out notebook pages and worksheets from these packets:

Glencoe Chemistry Matter and ChangeWe will skim through Chapters 8 and 9 in Glencoe Chemistry. (affiliate link) Many chemistry teachers/university instructors require their students to have the basic polyatomic ions memorized for their classes.  My goal is to have my daughter as familiar with them as possible (without making it a drag for her). We’ll play a lot of ion bingo along the way this semester!! 😁

We will spend lots of time on Chapters 11 and 12 (the Mole and Stoichiometry). Glencoe has the answers in the back and we would/will read each section together. (This is my third time through high school chemistry as ED is my youngest!) Then I generally work out the problems at the same time as my kids. That way I can help them with any trouble they are having or can spot any silly math mistakes.

We bought a used version of Glencoe Chemistry Matter and Change  (this my affiliate link if you are interested in checking it out) – The great thing is with the answers printed in the back, you don’t need an instructor’s manual.

We will also be using a workbook called Balancing Chemical Equations (affiliate link)- It has lots of problems and my older kids found it helpful. I had them do problems from that book off and on all year (when they went through chemistry) and will do the same for ED this year.

What I really hope to cover well and in-depth for her this year is the chapters 11 through 16. This is the material students really need to know fairly well if they plan to go into the sciences in college.

By the way, most high school chemistry classes also go over Organic Chemistry.  I spent 6 or 7 weeks last year going over Organic Chemistry with my daughter last year when we did high school biology. I shared that packet on the website last year.

A few chemistry notebook pages are still just on my computer and not actually shared on my website (yet). I tried to make a note of that – and feel free to reach out if you’d like those along the way! In particular, the material on the Mole, stoichiometry, heat, etc.

Oh and the history of chemistry lecture series is a DVD. They are really fascinating/well done! I will have my daughter watch these on her own for homework and do the “quiz” (which is pretty easy, but just is a quick check for comprehension) on her own.

Again, please let me know if you have any questions. I just thought it might be helpful to have a glance at what another homeschooling family is doing! 🙂

Have a wonderful school year!


P.S. You can email me if you have any questions.

Click on the link to see more details about each of these units or keep scrolling down below to see more pictures:

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Ions Isotopes Chemistry Unit
Organic Chemistry Unit
Organic Chemistry Unit - worksheets on hydrocarbons macromolecules and more

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