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Properties of Matter Worksheets and Activities

We are starting off the year with this middle school chemistry unit on the physical and chemical properties of matter. I have done an extensive update to the original Properties of Matter Packet, adding in dozens of pages of materials! This packet is well over 50 pages and includes various hands-on activities and all the teacher-notes/answer pages (bringing it closer to 100 pages in all!) Note: If you ordered the...


States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas — Learning Activities

Are you working on chemistry this year? I thought I’d share some of the activities we did when we learned about the States of Matter. I also link to a number of other posts from our chemistry unit. We’ve been having a blast with chemistry — well not literally, but sure have been learning a lot! Today we did most of the hands on activities suggested by the wonderful, wonderful...


Chemistry: Molecule Movement Experiment and Chemistry Review Worksheet

We’ve been covering the states of matter, atoms and molecules in chemistry. I wanted review some of the information we’ve covered and made some basic worksheets for the kids. First, we went over the three states of matter and looked closely again at the parts of an atom. Molecule Movement Experiment: Then we did a simple experiment with water to show that water molecules can move at different rates. We...