Valentine’s Day Addition Worksheets

These Valentines Addition and Subtraction Worksheets are currently FREE!

Grab this cute set of Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets while they are free!

I made a new set of Valentine’s Day math worksheets for students who are beginning to work on double-digit addition. There are a few practice pages with simple addition and subtraction problems. Then there are double digit addition and subtraction worksheets. Two of the worksheets require no carrying or borrowing. The other set of double-digit practice worksheets require students have to carry or borrow.

I have added these to the K-2 Math Bundle (which has well over 25 PDFs and is a bargain at just $5.50!), but you can grab them free with the Add to Cart link below.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ~Liesl and the Kids

Valentine’s Day Addition (and Subtraction) Worksheets

Currently Free! $0.00

Note: These were added to the K-2 Math BUNDLE. If you purchased that math bundle, you should have an email notice from SendOwl (the delivery service I use) with your download link in your PayPal email address. Feel free to email me if you need help getting your download link. ~Liesl

Valentine's Day Addition Practice Pages

Get 25+ More PDF Math Packets!!


I have been making fun math pages for early elementary for years and years.  I have purchased some incredibly cute clipart and just keep adding to the K- 2 bundle.  I can’t be bothered to change the price on dozens and dozens of pages so the price has remained the same — just $5.50 for everything I’ve made and continue to make!  It’s one of the best bargains on the website, for sure!

Our Packets are PDF digital downloads!

$5.50 K-2 Math BUNDLE  (over 300 pages of materials, 25 pdfs and growing!)

Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link (from SendOwl, the service I use)!

K-2 Math BUNDLE Addition Subtraction shapes clocks calendar and more

This K-2 Bundle includes addition and subtraction worksheets, games and activities.  There are also files that cover the

  • fact families,
  • shapes,
  • fractions,
  • temperature,
  • time/clocks,
  • days of the week, months of the year

There are lots of seasonal packets from Fall themed pages to holidays, winter math fun, Valentine’s Day, Jelly Beans and more!

A few close-ups of what is included:

For example, here’s a Jelly Bean addition game I made one year:

Easter - Jelly Bean Addition Subtraction Activities

Dragon Math Packet for Ages 4-6


Addition Subtraction - Cars Worksheet Packet

Subtraction Packet - Spring ThemeMontessori-Style-Addition-WorksheetsDays of the Week Months of the Year Seasons Worksheets and BookletValentines Math Games - WorksheetsClocks - Telling Time Matching Activity and Practice Worksheets

Free Geometry Shapes Worksheets and Games

You might also be interested in our Multiplication/Division Bundle

This set includes hundreds of pages of worksheets, games and math activities for learning the multiplication facts from the 2s through the 12s.

  $7.00 Multiplication & Division BUNDLE – 300+ pages, 20+ PDF files (and growing!). These fun packets include fun, colorful worksheets, games and activities! Learn the 2s through the 12s!

Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link (from SendOwl, the service I use)!

Visit the Multiplication & Division BUNDLE page to see lots of pictures of the various Packets included in this BUNDLE.

Some other packets that may be of interest:

$4.50 Where I Live Activity PacketMy galaxy, solar system, planet, continent, country, state, town, and home! Note: This packet has versions for students living in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and New Zealand. – Quick Preview or visit post or view image

Where I Live Activities - galaxy, solar system, planet, continent, country, state, town, homeWhere I Live Booklet - US versionPlus, this packet also includes material on the Seven ContinentsMontessori World Map Activities and 3-Part Cards

Five Senses Packet

  $5.99 Five Senses Unit

This 100+ page Five Senses Unit has dozens of hands-on activities and detailed, colorful worksheets for learning all about the five senses – sight & the eye, hearing & the ear, taste & the tongue, smell & the nose, touch & the skin. The Five Senses Unit includes dozens of activity ideas from cut-and-paste and sorting activities and interactive notebook – lapbook pieces to engaging, fun activities to learn about your sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell & touch.

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

More details about this 100-page packet can be found at this page: Five Senses Packet

Five Senses Unit - sight hearing touch smell touch - Worksheets and Activities

$4.99 Water Cycle Unit  Quick Preview or visit post or view image

Water Cycle Unit

$5.99 Clouds, Winds & Weather Packet AND the Natural Disasters Packet  visit post, image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4

Clouds and Weather PacketWeather Unit 70 page packet on clouds winds weather fronts and moreFloods, mudslides, tsunami, hurricanes, blizzards, drought, wildfires – This packet does not cover earthquakes, volcanoes, plate movement or the ring of fire because we covered that in great detail in our Earth Science Packet. More details of the Natural Disaster Packet here. image 1, image 2

Natural Disasters Worksheets $4.99  Environmental Studies: Trash and Recycling Unit  Quick Preview or visit post or view image

Trash and Recycling Activity Trash and Recycling BookletTrash and Recycling Activity Trash and Recycling Booklet

$5.99 Simple Machines Unit Quick Preview or visit post or view image

Simple Machines Unit

$0.00 FREE Living Nonliving Cards and Worksheets (More info here)

FREE - Living Nonliving Unit - Cards Worksheets Notebook PagesAnimal BUNDLE: If your kids like animals as much as mine did at that age, you might check out our Animal BUNDLE. These packets are also sold separately.  See this Animal BUNDLE page for more details.

  $19.99 The Big Animal BUNDLE includes 8 packets.   1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet – plus several mini units 6) the Cicadas Packet and 7) the Chameleon Packet. 8) the Wolves Mini-Unit. More details here

Big Animal BUNDLE - includes 8 pdfsFeathers Fur Scales or Skin Worksheets and Sorting Cards

Ancient Egypt Packet

$7.99 Ancient Egypt Packet (75 pages)

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.

More details about this packet can be found at this post: Ancient Egypt Packet

Ancient Egypt PacketAncient Egypt BookletAncient Egypt Lapbook Interactive Notebook Pieces

You might be interested in some of our BUNDLES:

Earth Science BUNDLE

Earth Science and Physical Science BUNDLE of 10
Big Animal BUNDLE, for early elementary

Big Animal BUNDLE - includes 8 pdfs
Biology BUNDLE, for late elementary & middle school

Some of this material we used in high school for Biology. Note: The price of the Biology Bundle in increasing on Jan. 31, 2022.

Biology BUNDLE of 6

Chemistry Bundle

Chemistry BUNDLE

Human Body BUNDLE

Spelling BUNDLE

Our Spelling BUNDLE currently consists of 8 pdfs. Pictures are provided below! 1. Long A & Long I Packet; 2. Long E Packet; 3. ou/ow oy/oi au/aw Packet; 4. /er/ Sound Packet; 5. /k/ Sound Packet; 6. /ul/ Sound Packet; 7. ie/ei Words Packet; 8. Plurals – add -s or -es  These packets are also sold separately. See this spelling page for more details.

Spelling BUNDLE - Activities and Games

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