What is included in the Winter Science Packet?

This time of year, you might be interested in our 100+ page Winter Packet. It includes worksheets, hands-on activity ideas, lapbook/interactive notebook pieces and more!!

This Winter Polar Packet covers

  • Earth’s Axis/Seasons,
  • The Arctic vs. Antarctica,
  • Polar Animals
  • Seals, Sea Lions, Walruses
  • Penguins
  • Plus, it includes a 25-page unit on Hibernation
    • Why animals hibernate,
    • Terms such as torpor, brumation, estivation, diapause, endotherms vs. ectotherms.
    • Plus, it covers where animals spend the winter and the dangers of hibernation.

Hibernation Unit worksheets - Hibernation brumation torpor estivation diapause endotherm ectotherm

Earth's Axis and Seasons Worksheets

Arctic vs Antarctica Worksheets

We talked about some of the major differences between the Arctic and Antarctica. Things such as

  • Antarctica is a continent; land surrounded by sea.
  • Antarctica is 98% covered in ice.
  • Antarctica is the highest of all the continents at an average height of 2,300m (or 1.4 miles). Temperatures are colder at higher elevations.
  • The Arctic is a semi-enclosed ocean, almost completely surrounded by land.
  • During much of the year, the Arctic Ocean is covered in sea ice that can exceed six feet thick.
  • The Arctic is not as cold as the Antarctic.

Polar Animals Worksheets

Polar Animals Lapbook

Students will learn about the differences between seals, sea lions, and walruses. There is a set of lapbook pieces about seals/sea lions/walruses and one about penguins. These particular pieces have a cut-and-paste option with information about them.

Seals Penguins Worksheets and Lapbook

There are a number of hands-on activity ideas about whales. These were activities our family actually did a number of years ago, but I included instructions in the packet with activities about insulation, how blubber keeps whales warm and helps with their buoyancy, toothed vs. baleen whales, and more.

Whale worksheets and activities

For those of you with younger kids, there are about 12 pages or so of various PreK activities: do-a-dot pages, find the letter, find the number, capital letter matching and build-a-word activity, lacing c

Winter PreK Packet

Why do animals hibernate?  In the winter, it is often extremely and food is scarce. Animals hibernate to avoid life threatening situations: extremely cold temperatures; lack of food or water. Animals find warm winter shelters. Their body temperature drops. They breathe less often. Their heartbeats slow.  They don’t eat or drink much (or at all). Many hibernators live off stored body fat until the spring. Other animals, must find shelter from the cold temperatures.

Animals have a variety of strategies they use to get through the winter. You’ll find out more in our Hibernation Packet!

These pages and activities go over many of the scientific terms developed to explain animal behavior.

Hibernation Unit worksheets - Hibernation brumation torpor estivation diapause endotherm ectotherm

Where do animals spend the winter - hibernicula

Where do animals hibernate - interactive notebook activity matching page tracing page

Winter Packet and Hibernation Unit Quick Preview

Our Winter Packet & Hibernation Unit is $4.99.

Remember, the Winter Packet & Hibernation Unit is included in our Big Animal BUNDLE.

Once you pay for this packet, you will immediately receive a link to download this file (which will open in a browser window).  You will also receive an email from Sendowl (the service I use) to your PayPal email address which will have a link you can click on to download the Winter Packet.  It may take a few moments to arrive.  Of course, if you have any issues just email me at — liesl at homeschoolden dot com.  You can also reach me by using the contact form on the blog or by replying to the email from SendOwl.

Winter Packet and Hibernation Unit, 100+pages

Winter Packet - Earth's Axis, Seasons, Arctic Antarctica, Polar Animals Hibernation and more$4.99

Remember to check your PayPal email address for the email from SendOwl.

Winter Packet for Early Elementary

The Winter Packet is included in our Big Animal BUNDLE.

  $19.99 NEW: Big Animal BUNDLE – 1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet

  $5.99  Animal Unit (75+ pages) – This unit covers animal characteristics, Feather, fur or scales?,  animal classification (the animal kingdoms, vertebrates and invertebrate groups), insects vs. spiders, animal tracks, animals homes and shelters, herbivores/carnivores/omnivores and more!  Quick Preview

  $4.99  World Animals Unit (75+ pages) Animals of the 7 Continents: Montessori 3-part cards and Activity Pages and the new animals of the African Savanna,  Quick Preview

$4.99 Amazon Rainforest Packet (50 pages) Quick Preview

$4.99 Life Cycles Packet (50 pages) Explore the life cycles of the chicken, sea turtle, frog, mosquito, butterfly, dragonfly, bee, ladybug, mouse Quick Preview

Big Animal Bundle

PS. If you have younger kids, you might also enjoy this post about Jan Brett’s book, The Mitten – Free Animal Printable Activities. I just mention it because it’s winter themed too!

The Mitten Free Printables Animal Worksheets LapbookAnd if you want to go into more depth about the Earth, layers of the Earth, plate movement, earthquakes, mountain making, volcanoes and more be sure to check out our Earth Science Packet. We did a ton of hands-on activities with that unit!

Earth-Science-Packet 150 page - worksheets hands-on activities and more Earth Science Unit - Layers of the Earth Activities Types of Volcanoes Worksheets - Interactive Notebook Pages


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