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 A reader sent me an email asking about homeschool science for her daughter who is in kindergarten this year.  She said she was feeling overwhelmed about science and wondered where/how to start. She said she hadn’t done any science yet and wondered if the States of Matter unit was a good place to start.  I wrote her back and shared the free printable resource/checklist I made last year about some of the science topics we covered in the early years.  I suggested she wait before doing a chemistry unit because talking about atoms and molecules can be quite abstract.  (We waited until 2nd or 3rd grade to cover that.)
Before that, we spent a lot of time talking about the natural world, about the human body, and we did a lot of fun science experiments that captivated their imaginations and made them wonder, “Why did that happen?!!” Things like this colored milk explosion or oil and water fireworks:
Oil-and-Water-FireworksThese were some of our very favorite, fun science experiments when the kids were younger:

Free Science Experiment Packet

Science Experiment PacketAt this post you’ll find three more science experiments and another free printable.

3FunScienceExperimentsMy kids also have had a lot of fun with various STEM projects we’ve done over the years.  This post has some good ideas: 7 Fun STEM – Engineering Projects for Kids

STEM-Activity-for-Kids-PostIt-Note-TowerThis FREE printable has a list of topics we covered in the early years: Homeschool Science in Early Elementary


Probably my top pick for fun, engaging science units in these early years would include these.
And I would definitely base it on what your kids are excited and interested in!
Here is a video I made last year that might be helpful. It includes a quick collage of science topics we covered when the kids were in early elementary.

Science in Early Elementary


I hope this post was helpful for those of you with young elementary kids!

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P.S. If you’re reading this post, you likely have younger kids. I thought I would mention this post which we did when the kids were little about Ancient Greece. We did a ton of fun, hands-on activities!


 We also had a lot of fun with Geography.  This post Hands-On Geography for ages 4-10 has some of the projects and activities that have been a big hit at our house!


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  1. Hey Liesl! I just liked your Facebook page and saw this post. What a great collection of resources. There are truly an infinite number of curriculum, opportunities, learning experiences, and resources to be found.

    • homeschooldenadmin says:

      Thanks for leaving such a nice comment! We’ve definitely learned a lot so far on our homeschooling journey. And, since I have three kids we explore things in new ways as each of the kids gets older. I hope you find our website helpful… and have a lot of fun with your kids along the way! Happy Homeschooling!! ~Liesl

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