Oil and Water Fireworks Activity

Oil and Water Fireworks! This is such a fun and simple science activity!  This has impressed the kids since they were toddlers… and is helpful for kids studying chemistry to understand the different densities of liquids.

Just take a clear glass, fill it with water. Add some vegetable oil.  Carefully, have the kids place a few drops of food dye in various spots around the oil.  Wait for a few minutes — and watch the fireworks begin! How’s that for an activity that takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish?!!

As you can see, the kids did this activity over and over (and over)!

Oil-and-Water-FireworksSince it had been a while since we did these activities, we also pulled out the shaving cream to do the Shaving Cream Fireworks version too!  ED loved this and actually wound up playing in the shaving cream for a long time. Be warned!  🙂  She smelled nice afterwards!

Our hint: Don’t add to thick of a layer of shaving cream to the top of the water or else the dye won’t make it’s way down into the water.


We did both of these science activities we did a couple of weeks ago as we finished up her part of the chemistry unit.

Have fun with your budding scientists!

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