Homeschool Schedule & Transitions

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  1. Sherri says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you would mind sharing which history dvd’s your using? Thank you for all you share!

    • homeschooldenadmin says:

      Hi Sherri,
      I have a (history) post that’s 1/3 written (for Monday) about what we’re covering in history (and the DVDs are included there). Are you okay to wait until then (or are you studying/planning right now)? My in-laws are in from out of town, so time is tight at the moment. 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    This is my first year doing the homeschooling with my two older children who are in grades kindergarten and third grade . I was wondering if you could help me with planning there lessons for the week , I find my self lost at times knowing what they need for the year .

    • homeschooldenadmin says:

      Hi Jessica,
      First, congratulations taking up homeschooling! I want to say that you’re awesome! All homeschoolers need to high-five and encourage one another!! And, while I hope you find some inspiration and/or good ideas on our blog, take it all with a grain of salt… A blogger like me loves to write and share on good days and in good moments, but I can guarantee I’m shoving a mess aside to take pictures or (AND!!) not turning the camera to the laundry piles, paper piles, and so forth! We all feel overwhelmed, inadequate and inexperienced at times because we’re always dealing with a new phase in our kids’ lives. I also wanted to say that our homeschool looks a lot more traditional/scheduled when I write a post like this… but it isn’t our reality. At times we have plans, but it all goes out the window. I know that’s normal and then just try to jump back in the next day. None of that really addresses your question, but I feel compelled to say all that because we all struggle to find our “groove” with homeschooling. Every family is on their own journey and I *know* you’ll be awesome because no one knows your kids better than you do!!

      But now to the meat of your question… planning things for kids in 3rd grade and kindergarten. Maybe my thoughts will help (or maybe you’ll find a style/rhythm that suits your kids better). For what it’s worth here are a few suggestions… Decide on the two or three things that feel important to you to cover most days… perhaps it’s read alouds, math work, and having the kids improve their phonics and reading skills. When those get done (along with keeping the family fed, organized, reasonably clean while keep your sanity intact!) feel a huge sense of accomplishment!!

      Then consider the other subjects – history, science, writing, spelling… Think about how often you want to cover those (if at all). (For example, when my kids were younger we covered spelling for part of the year and grammar in the spring). For science and history choose a topic (or let the kids choose a topic) to delve in to. These don’t have to be daily… In fact, sometimes when the kids were younger we’d spend a couple weeks on a history topic doing crafts, projects and reading books from the library. Then we’d switch and do a science unit (and do experiments, activities) for a couple of weeks. If you like lapbooks, hands-on projects, crafts, experiments or whatever – add something (not all of that!!) in… but don’t feel pressured to do anything in particular. I guarantee you’ll circle back to that topic at least once or twice if not more in the coming years!!

      As for what to cover for the year, that’s up to you. I’ve written a couple of different checklists that have helped me as I think about our journey… but these may or may not be helpful along your homeschool journey.
      Here are some things we enjoyed for early elementary science:
      Here is a similar post with some the science activities we did
      And, the science tab above gives you links (and pictures) with some projects we’ve done along the way —
      (I have 3 kids, so these are things we might have done when one or the other was young, if you know what I mean!)
      And here are some of the subjects I hope to cover K-8 in science: This is a homeschool science unit checklist.

      We’ve made our way through time in history. This is a history checklist — and the history tab might give you some ideas if your kids have a particular interest. —

      I also wrote this post recently… I don’t know if this will help at all, but it was about homeschooling multiple ages from 8 on down…

      I hope this is helpful and feel free to write back if you have any questions. The homeschooling community (online and off) is amazing. Be sure to find a network of homeschoolers to encourage you in the hard moments!! 🙂


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