Preschool Activities: ED age 3 1/2, Introducing ‘routine’

Last week I set up the first few activities for ED.  I’ve been working to get the homeschool room setup to make it easier and more routine for me to setup each day/week for ED’s preschool.We’re easing into school — so none of these pictures will be too much of a surprise, but one thing I did last week was to re-introduce and reinforce the routine of

  • putting out a blanket,
  • carrying the activity tray over with two hands
  • setting up and completing the activity
  • putting the activity back into the tray and returning the tray to the proper place
  • folding the blanket
  • putting the blanket away

I want to make sure she has follow-through from the beginning of the activity to the end. Sounds easy, but I didn’t do a good job of teaching ED this last year.  New beginnings!

Spooning rice into egg cups (You can see DD, age 5, is patiently waiting her turn!!)
With no official school for DD and LD yet, DD has been very keen to try and participate in all of ED’s activities.

Using a hole punch.  This was the only picture where you could tell what she was doing since most pictures she had her hand over the hole-puncher!

Age 3 activity

You can’t see them very well, but we’ve had the  Learning Resources Bug Counters Set (affiliate link) since LD was little.  I pulled those and the cards out as well.

Later in the week I switched the rice activity to a cup measure (white) and 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup.  They had to figure out how many orange (or blue) cups would fill up the one-cup measure.

Below is a roll-a-rocket game that we used with our pattern blocks. For more (free) pattern block templates, see this post: Pattern Block Templates, Ages 18mo to 4 years

age-3-rocket-gameShe loves the game Cariboo (by Cranium)! It is good for patterns, counting, and colors.

Age-3-CaribooWe did a unit on the Middle Ages and learned about feudalism.  When we did our project about the Four Alls, we made “stained glass windows.”  ED really loves making these and has been doing one or two each day since!

The peasant who worked for all
The knights who fought for all
The priests who prayed for all
The king who ruled all

Age-3-church-windowIn the next few days I’ll show you our setup in a bit more detail.  I’ll also explain my over-all plans for ED’s preschool schedule this fall.

And now changing subjects… Last week we went to a local farm to pick fruit.

Here the girls are picking peaches.  We loved this wonderful recipe for Southern Peach Cobbler.  In fact it was so popular with the kids and our friends that I made it twice (with help from the kids, of course!)

Our very close family friends have just moved from central Australia to a house not ten minutes from us.  We’ve been friends since the kids were infants.  LD and S skipped off ahead of us to hunt for the blackberries. Cute!

We also picked blackberries. They were quite tart, but made a wonderful blackberry jam.  Yum!

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Here are a few more activities that may be of interest:














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