Our Homeschool Room Setup

I often enjoy having a glimpse at other people’s homeschool setups.  We had quite a small house over in Australia, but we are now blessed with this amazingly large, airy homeschool room.

We have bright colorful workboxes. Each kid has their own row, but I do not fill them every day with new things. Instead their basic subjects get stored here (including the manipulatives, new games, activities and printouts).  It does help with the organization, but since they don’t complete things from top to bottom (as with the ‘workbox system’) I find that I needed ED’s activities out on display/visible.

This former computer table now houses my storage area (for printouts), our 3-part cards, spelling games and things like that (those three trays to the left of the table and the little cabinet thing with plastic bins under the table).The area back to the right is a doorway up to the attic area — it’s often cluttered with things to go upstairs, things to put away or use later, etc.


ED has six trays. Two are on the table, two are under the table and
their are two half-trays at the bottom. You’ll see a close-up in a
moment.  You’ll also see the Montessori blanket to the left of the
trays.  And our “All About Spelling” alphabet is also on the floor next
to my storage cabinet. (The shoebox is out for an art project we’re working on.)


The purple-covered table has different preschool activities. Last week it had a hammering activity. This week it has a couple of magnetic ocean puzzles. You’ll also see the art notebook I put together earlier this summer. It still gets daily use!


Our craft table is where much of the action takes place here at the Homeschool Den.  We all sit down here on and off throughout the day.  I keep it covered with large pieces of butcher paper which pulls up from a roll at the bottom.  I change that paper every evening! First thing the next morning that paper is covered with drawings, writing, and scribbles!


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