Free Apostrophe Worksheet

This is another free apostrophe worksheet that I made for the kids last week.  This worksheet is mostly about showing possession and touches on possessive pronouns.

In general apostrophes are used

  • to show possession
  • to show that a letter or letters have been omitted (ie. contractions)
  • the plural of letters, numbers, and symbols

If you can use it, this apostrophe worksheet is free to download.  There is an answer sheet too (though it is not shown in the picture below):

Free Apostrophe Worksheet and Possessive Pronouns


If you need to work on contractions with your kids, we have some free worksheets on the blog like this Free Cupcake Contraction Activity and worksheet or this Grammar Practice: Possessive Nouns and Pronouns. And this post Various Free Grammar Sheets also has some free worksheets on apostrophes.

I printed the page above out on the back of the homophone worksheet I made for her. (they’re/their/there, its/it’s, way/weigh, etc.) which I shared a few days ago.


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