Blizzard 2016

We woke this morning to 18 inches of snow, with another 10 inches (or more) expected in the next 24 hours!  The drifts we have around the house are considerably deeper!  Since we live down in the woods, we were expecting to lose power (and were prepared for that), but as you can see, we’re still on the grid! 🙂

Here is a glimpse of our deck from noon yesterday (Friday, before any snow) and as it started to accumulate.  The last picture is from about 8am Saturday (with more snow on the way).

Snow-2016This is the view out the front.


We cleared out a patch of grass off to the right so Boomer could go do her business. The drifts are closer to 24 inches in that area.



LD and the girls climb up the hill. LD sledding down the driveway.


The blizzard warnings are still in effect and as I said, we’re still expected to get more snow.  We’ll share more pictures in this post later this weekend! 🙂

Saturday afternoon the snow continues to pile up. Very heavy snowfall at the moment, but we’re warm and I just made some delicious Apple Crisp so the house smells nice!


You might enjoy this post written by my friend’s daughter from around this time of year a couple of years ago:


You might enjoy these Cold Weather-Related Activities the kids did a few years ago:

blubber-experimentAnd I just had to share this cute snowman, snow cat, snow dog picture from a couple of years ago. I bet the kids will have fun outside today!
Hope you’re staying warm this weekend! ~Liesl and the Kids

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  1. Kylie says:

    Oh wow how absolutely fabulous! Great photo’s all that snow looks awesome. We are really hoping to take our first ever snow trip this year maybe down to Thredbo….these pics are a far cry from the Aussie bush aren’t they!

    • homeschooldenadmin says:

      The snow ended last night, but in the end we got well over two feet (about .7 meters)! This time of year we would have been sweltering and covered with flies over in Alice Springs!! We’ve enjoyed the snow, though I don’t think I would be as happy if this were the norm for winter! 🙂 Speaking of Thredbo, we visited there at one point years ago (during the summer months, though, as I recall). ~Liesl

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