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Blizzard 2016

We woke this morning to 18 inches of snow, with another 10 inches (or more) expected in the next 24 hours!  The drifts we have around the house are considerably deeper!  Since we live down in the woods, we were expecting to lose power (and were prepared for that), but as you can see, we’re still on the grid! 🙂 Here is a glimpse of our deck from noon yesterday...

Did Every Parent Do This Today? 1

Did Every Parent Do This Today?

With the storm that rolled across the US the past day or two, I wonder how many yards are decorated with snowmen, snow forts and snow angels?!! The kids spent lots of time sledding down our steep hill: The entire family pitched in to make this huge snow fort (it looks more like a snow volcano, doesn’t it?!!): And here are the snowman and snowpets under construction! It sure was...