11-Year Old Shares Her Thoughts About Homeschooling

My friend’s daughter wrote a blog post about homeschooling and they generously offered to let me post it here.  I loved her piece and I hope you do too!

 My mom thought it would be helpful for me to give my perspective on homeschooling. Being an eleven-year-old homeschool student has some good things and some bad things.

Good things:

-I can sleep until nine every day! No getting up early for me, unless I want to or we have some kind of appointment.

-Shorter school days. Instead of a defined amount of time that I have to work, I have a set assignment to complete in each subject, so the day goes by faster.

-If I get too frustrated, I can always go take a short break (5-10 minutes).

-I can see my cats all day. That way, they don’t get lonely, and I get to have company while I work. (Side note: when I get irritated, petting Pip and Trouble always helps me calm down and get a fresh outlook.)

-Movies! Watching educational movies (mainly for history, and when I was younger, science) helps me retain information better. I have a hard time remembering important history facts, and movies make it a lot more interesting.

– If I get hungry, I don’t have to wait until lunch. I can grab some crackers, a sandwich, or a yogurt cup anytime.

– If Mom’s tired or if we’re all just in a bad mood, every once in a while we get a surprise day off.

– You wouldn’t expect that I would be able to see my friends very often, but I do. Mom schedules lots of sleepovers and play dates, and we go to a lot of group homeschool classes.

-If I get up early and Mom’s not up yet, I can still work. I have a set of labeled drawers, one for each subject, and Mom lays out my work for the following day every night.

-When my friends and family come to stay with us, I usually get time off while they’re here.

-No summer vacation. I know it sounds like a bad thing, but it isn’t really. Mom says that lots of kids forget stuff over the vacation, and in the fall they have to go back and re-learn it. That doesn’t happen to me. It’s not like I have more school time per year than most kids, either. All the mini- vacations I get, spread out over a whole year, adds up to one summer vacation.

-I get to stay in my pajamas all day.

-I get to have each subject level at whatever level I’m at. I’m not required to go faster than I can. Once I learn something, we move on. If I have to take it slow, we take it slow. Mom’s always available for questioning.

– I get to travel while everyone else is in school.

Bad things:

-There’s eight inches of snow on the ground. Everyone, even my parents, gets the day off today…except me. WHAT’S WITH THAT!?!

Thank you for sharing that with us!!

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