Homeschooling through the Teenage Years – Susan Wise Bauer

This morning I happened to come across an interview with Susan Wise Bauer.  She is a well-known author in the homeschooling community and she has homeschooled for 17 years.  She herself was homeschooled with her two siblings.  In this video-interview she discussed  homeschooling through the teenage years. Two of her children have now graduated and she talked a lot about her perspective on educating her kids through high school and college. Though my kids are still young, it’s really useful to think about what is coming down the road. It was a really terrific piece (thank you, Susan!!).  I thought I’d pass this along for those who might be interested:

Luckily for us, my sister homeschools and my nieces and nephew are 16, 14 and 11.  I really love seeing how their family is working through the higher grades. I often have long conversations with my sis to hear how things are going (and tuck that information into the back of my mind for when my kids approach that age)!  To hear a few of her thoughts yourself, you can read my interviews with my sister from last June here: Part I: Homeschooling through spousal deployment and Part II: Homeschooling through High School.

The one thing that really sticks out in my mind after listening to this interview and after talking with my sister is that homeschooling is a journey.  We all have to figure out what is best for our kids each step along the way and the path taken may not be the one we expect.

By the way, you can read all my homeschool interviews (with a Montessori homeschooler, a classical homeschooler, etc.) by selecting the categories button in the left sidebar and selecting interviews with other homeschoolers.

Now I’d better go round-up the kids and start homeschooling ourselves!  LD is lost in a book (he’d read all day if I let him!) and the girls have disappeared upstairs playing an involved game of ‘pets!’  But with other activities we need to race off to in a few hours, we’d better start our day!

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