A Passel of Past Posts #2

Passel means “a group or lot of indeterminate number…” so here you’ll find a random number of links to posts we’ve written over the years! 🙂 Since we keep getting new readers, I thought I would highlight some of the projects, activities and printables we’ve shared over the years.  I hope you find a few “new” ideas in this series! 🙂  As ever, if you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a note (via the contact form) or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page!

And now without further ado, here is an assortment of posts we’ve done:

Daily Calendar Page: A free printable I made for my daughter to fill out the season, date, time, temperature and things like that. This page is useful for 4-7 year olds. You might also be interested in the free Math Lapbook for PreK-K (links are at that post).

Calendar Page

Above/Below Ground Activity: Animal and plant parts that live above or below the ground.

WhereAnimalsLive-Above-Below-GroundGerman Packet – Animals: Learn the names of various animals like der Hund (the dog) and die Katze (the cat) with this free printable

German Worksheets - Animals  vol 1Pete the Cat: We once did a unit based on the  Pete the Cat books. I made some math worksheets for the kids to go along with that unit that are free including a Pete the Cat doubling game (2+2, 3+3 etc.), Pete the Cat addition/subtraction practice (basic) and Pete the Cat multiplication by 4s.

Addition-Subtraction-Pete-the-CatPattern Block Templates: When the kids were really little, we used pattern blocks a lot for shape matching, but also for basic free play!



Weather Unit: Experiments about Air Several experiments we did about air demonstrating air has weight, warm air rises, etc.


Red Cabbage Indicator Experiment — An experiment we’ve done a number of times to learn more about acids and bases.

P1230892acid-baseWood Burning Project: We did this when we were studying Vikings, but it would make a neat activity at any time. 🙂



Measurement Man: An activity for learning about gallons, quarts, pints, etc. There’s a free printable about measurement as well.



Circulatory System Activities — This post has a number of hands-on activities about oxygen exchange, blood, and more! We’ll be doing a number of these activities again this next year when we study the circulatory system again.



Writing Workshop: We use a writing workshop model in our homeschool. It has made writing into one of our favorite parts of our homeschool day. 🙂 This post is the best place to start (though you’ll find lots and lots of posts in this series from how we set up our Writing Workshop area to specific lesson plans that we have used at the beginning of our WW time.

Creating a Writing Workshop-HomeschoolDen


Pokemon Math: Want some fun Pokemon themed math worksheets?  I made a number of math worksheets (and drew some creatures) for the kids a while back.



We always get a LOT of hits on the grammar worksheets I’ve made for the kids.  Our grammar pages are free.  Here’s  a free worksheet on synonyms and antonyms:



We have a number of World Religions packets like this one on Buddhism:

Buddhism Learning Pack


Here are some interesting places we’ve visited:


  • A couple of years ago we visited the Global Village of Heifer International. The kids loved exploring the houses from around the world. We went to the one in Maryland, but there are also education centers in Arkansas, Massachusetts, and Michigan.





  • And we also really loved our more recent visit to Valley Forge, PA (a National Park)

Homeschooling Posts:

Whew!! Well, that’s a lot of posts you can check out if you have time!! Drop me a note if you like this series (I read *every* comment! They make my day!)  See you again soon here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page.

Hope you’re having a lovely summer (if that’s the season you’re in, that is!). ~Liesl







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