A Passel of Past Posts #1

So, I wanted a bit of alliteration to make a catchy title… and actually had to look up the definition of passel to be sure I was using it correctly. Sure enough, it means “a group or lot of indeterminate number.”  Perfect!  This post has a collection of posts from the past… and I’m not quite sure how many I’ll wind up highlighting.  But why talk about posts from the past?  Well, someone dropped me an email when she saw that I was going to be highlighting some past posts over on FB.  But, the problem for her was that she doesn’t use social media.  She wondered if she could receive those in some way.  If I had my act together, I would get my email subscription up and running. (Thank you to all of you who signed up already!!!) And I will… I will!  But not right this second!! 😮  It seemed easier just to put together a quick blog post. I hope you find this series useful (especially you, Carol!). It will come out on Wednesdays this summer.

I’ll start off with the posts that have gotten the most hits in the past month or so:

  1. Human Body Systems — Worksheets
  2. Free German Worksheets for Kids
  3. Nature Scavenger Hunt (Free Download)
  4. Their, They’re, There – Its, It’s Free Practice Sheets
  5. Preschool at Home: Activities You Can Do with Your 2-4 Year Olds (Fine Motor Skills)
  6. Free Rocks and Minerals Packet (25 pages)
  7. Human Body Activities – Digestive System
  8. Preschool at Home: Science for 2-5 Year Olds (and Up!)
  9. Montessori Geography Activities (Free Montessori World Map)
  10. The Three Types of Rocks– Our Activities and a Free Worksheet Packet about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks
  11. Simple Machines Packet (About 30 pages)
  12. Organization of the Human Body: Cells, Tissues, Organs, Systems
  13. First Grade Math (addition/place value)
  14. Grammar Practice Sheets: Apostrophes, Quotation Marks and Underlining (and others)
  15. World Biomes Pin Map–Rain Forest, Desert, Savanna, Tundra and More

And now for some random posts from our past:

Our Minecraft Multiplication and Division pages have gotten a lot of hits over this past year.  We also have some Minecraft Addition Pages and a Minecraft Math Game Board that can be used with any math fact practice.


We have an entire Minecraft Math Packet that will be given exclusively to email subscribers.  I sent out the link a while back and when I get my act together with this new email list, I’ll send that out again. Hint, hint — I’d love for you to subscribe to oKiur list! 🙂  I drew all the little Minecraft critters in the packet (and made sure to have permission (though not endorsement) from Mojang to use these characters in free worksheets.



I’ll highlight a few hands-on projects we’ve done:

Earth’s Geologic Timeline (with a HUGE long ribbon)


Egypt Death Mask Craft


Germs, Germs — Where do they grow in YOUR house? An experiment for kids


An activity we did to show how the epiglottis works


With the 4th of July coming up quickly you might be interested in these free patriotic song sheets


General blog posts I’ve written:

Homeschooling Posts:

Hopefully you’ve found something interesting to browse through with today’s post!! Have a great day! ~Liesl


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