7 Active Summer Games our Family Loves

This game is great for keeping the kids active inside when it’s very hot outside!!  When I was a kid, I remember playing skip ball a lot.  We were shopping at Target about a month ago and did a total impulse buy!!  I’m so glad we did. We’ve all been using it daily since … meaning… it’s always lying in the middle of the living room. 🙂  But our family has had so much fun with it, I really wanted  to mention it.  Here is the link Amazon — Empower SkipFit (affiliate link), but it was a few dollars cheaper at our local Target.


A couple other games we play year after year in the summer are Frisbee Golf. We pull this out when we have barbeques with friends. We have this set:  Wham-O Mini Disc Golf Basket With Mini Frisbees (affiliate link)


The game comes with six colored frisbees (four of each color), so up to six people can play.  We keep our stands pretty close together, but they can be spread out to make it more challenging for older kids.


Several years ago my sister sent us a Slack Line for Christmas.  We’ve definitely had a lot of fun with this over the years. It is easy to set up or take down and you can bring it to the local park if you’re having a party with friends.  Everyone loves giving it a go!  You can find this at Amazon. This version comes with a teaching line:  slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line (affiliate link)


We’ve also had a lot of fun with Blongo Ball (affiliate link). Here is a picture from a few years ago. It’s a game that packs up  really well for trips.


We have Blongo Ball Complete Game Set,(affiliate link) but at $60+ it’s considerably more expensive than Maranda Enterprises Double Ladderball Game ($35).(affiliate link) People complained that the cheaper version cracked and broke.


The kids also really love doing the water bottle rocket. We have the 4M Water Rocket Kit (affiliate link) (Another cool gift from my sister’s family!)  You pump it up with a bike pump and off it goes!  Very impressive! I’m frustrated because I know we have some great pictures of the kids setting the rocket off, but it’s late and I need to bring this to a close.  Our family has definitely had a lot of fun with this kit!


Each summer our family enjoys doing tie dyed shirts.  The Jacquard Tie Dye Kit (affiliate link) we used last year has very bright colors that stayed well even after a lot of time through the wash.


And of course, so of the best summer activities are FREE!!  Here are some outdoor games and activies we enjoy (with directions)



  • And, games like sardines, ghost in the graveyard, and various versions of tag (especially flashlight tag!!).

So, that’s about it for today!! Hope you’re having a wonderful, fun filled summer!!

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.


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